WWE's Most Wanted Treasures: Sgt. Slaughter’s Hunt for Iron Sheik’s Persian Clubs | A&E 

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A&E 12 kun oldin
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Heather Naismith
Heather Naismith 10 kun oldin
rohitchaoji 4 soat oldin
Those clubs are also a staple in Indian wrestling. They're not particularly heavy but without good technique, its easy to injure one's shoulders.
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant 17 soat oldin
Back in the 1990's/ early 2000s I had the surprise pleasure of meeting the Iron Sheik on the Boardwalk of Ocean City, MD. Great guy still in character (boots, headpiece, etc) signing autographs for free possibly after the show at the Convention center. The accent was thick, but he was awesome & in shape! I hope I still have that somewhere.
philip popenik
philip popenik Kun oldin
this is to easy..the clubs he used were probably lighter than the originals.. ha ha ha amazing how two sets of club's showed up... lets weigh them.. wadda you say....
Stephan P
Stephan P Kun oldin
That's Warrior at the 5:48 !
Juggalo power
namco003 Kun oldin
What a great wholesome video, BUT AT 10:17, what a NIGHTMARE!
Dorian Bennett
Dorian Bennett Kun oldin
Sooo Epic
GENERAL MAGNUM 2 kun oldin
This gold see these old school wrestlers
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 3 kun oldin
That big guy wasn't doing it right, he wasn't twisting them behind his head, he was just doing an overhead tricep extension.
Mystic Souls
Mystic Souls 4 kun oldin
You earned a like as this was part of my childhood thank you
Michael R.
Michael R. 4 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that the Ultimate Warrior was one of the dudes attempting the Sheik's club challenge in the studio footage they showed? I think it was from Crockett tv. I can't remember and I am too lazy to go back and check. hehe
Electric_Eye 4 kun oldin
Lol, neither one of them did it as well as the Sheikh did or as smoothly, but to be fair, it was their first time.
Luis Soto
Luis Soto 4 kun oldin
Ayeeeeeee Glastonbury 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Mr. Mr.
Mr. Mr. 4 kun oldin
Precious Paul completed the challenge also.
Kevin Ho
Kevin Ho 5 kun oldin
I love how the host just decide to hide behind Sarge from Bob
Daniel Kephart
Daniel Kephart 5 kun oldin
Bob is like the The Daniel Bryan of WwF I know it sounds crazy but if he watched his story line there we're both were similar
Giovanni Garcia
Giovanni Garcia 6 kun oldin
I humble you
Kurt Asa
Kurt Asa 6 kun oldin
Ultimate Warrior sighting as "a bodybulder" at 5:47?
Donte Nickens
Donte Nickens 6 kun oldin
seeing what shiek did....everyone else totally did it wrong
James Burk jr
James Burk jr 6 kun oldin
This is something I have always wanted to try
mhatz vakatale
mhatz vakatale 7 kun oldin
Mr. Bob was WWE champion for six years⁉️😱😱
Richard Young
Richard Young 7 kun oldin
The Iron Sheik came to my gym in the late 80s he was doing 20 rep squats with 315 like it was nothing! He came in with Don Morocco and Mr Wonderful! Don Morocco and Mr Wonderful did some heavy bench presses!Morocco was repping with 500 They were great gave me free passes for their show in Miami.
internet handler *******
I miss the good old days of wrestling
uWaAvenger 7 kun oldin
100% not the real clubs
salpha 7 kun oldin
never seen anyone with the level of control of the persion clubs like Sheik's used to have.
B 7 kun oldin
That was the ultimate warrior failing at the clubs. Not that I could
Skuffed Gamer
Skuffed Gamer 7 kun oldin
True Legends of my childhood..Great 🎥
EL REY BANDIDO 7 kun oldin
"Iron Shieks health stops him from travelling" What they really mean, is that they didnt want him on TV incase he says something they'll be held responsible for!
fmdof 3 kun oldin
Houshou Pirate Crew Member
It's probably a little of both
James de Thierry
James de Thierry 7 kun oldin
Backlund is the man.
Pasta Martin Ssempa
Backlund is in phenomenal shape for his age
Chris Hopkins Bass
Chris Hopkins Bass 8 kun oldin
Have to say that Sheik giving Bob the clubs just shows the respect and class of the man
omid asadi
omid asadi 8 kun oldin
چرل زیرنویس نداره
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 8 kun oldin
Any reason why your production has to blow everyone's speakers apart at the end of each video????
Ronnie Pineda
Ronnie Pineda 8 kun oldin
Darn aj did it !!!
Life Of Golden Retriever
Thats not persian club....its invented in india
Caine Marko
Caine Marko 8 kun oldin
Bruh Bob is possibly the fittest first gen wwe legend
Adam Berndt
Adam Berndt 8 kun oldin
My dad used to sell the Sheik Crack back in the late 80's lol. He also sold dope to Charlie Sheen when he was filming Major League in Milwaukee back in the day.
Jens Jesfjeld
Jens Jesfjeld 8 kun oldin
This show is complete garbage.
Fatsuperfly 8 kun oldin
Love the iron sheik! He was that guy i hated but loved, that man put a lot of himself for our entertainment. Respect the sheik
James Kelly
James Kelly 8 kun oldin
It was good to see the great champ Bob Backland.
Knick Won
Knick Won 8 kun oldin
I hate the host of this show. That's all I would change. Should be a real wrestler from that era, not some gibroni.
censorship sucks4
censorship sucks4 8 kun oldin
FYI Gene Okerlund was the best man at the Iron Sheik's wedding.
censorship sucks4
censorship sucks4 4 kun oldin
@Mike Sperko Very intelligent Jew businessman.
Mike Sperko
Mike Sperko 4 kun oldin
Gene mean
censorship sucks4
censorship sucks4 8 kun oldin
As a kid I totally bought into this. Only later did I learn a lot of stuff including that he was one of the coaches for the U.S. Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling team. America ach ptuooie indeed.
Jeremy Cole
Jeremy Cole 8 kun oldin
Wow. Bob Backlund is amazing shape, man. I'm super impressed.
TheEnderBand 8 kun oldin
Jimmy The Saint
Jimmy The Saint 8 kun oldin
Cool 😎✨
Seac Bareid
Seac Bareid 8 kun oldin
If you look closely, the first bodybuilder they showed trying it was Jim Hellwig. The Ultimate Warrior. I've done the clubs, but not with 75lbs ones, the ones I used were 50, and it was hard..its not about strength as much as controlling the momentum. Its not easy at all. I could not imagine an extra 25lbs on each arm.
Am0ykupAl Ka
Am0ykupAl Ka 8 kun oldin
Make The Miz look old and you have Bob
LEECH REFORGE 8 kun oldin
0:17 lol hahahah not yet bro not yet
Gruni LP
Gruni LP 8 kun oldin
Hahaha, after that u really know tht Bob was not just a charackter :D Love this crazy dude :D
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones 9 kun oldin
Sargent Slaughter is looking good 👍. I got his autograph a few years ago.
Uncle Soldier
Uncle Soldier 9 kun oldin
Bob Backland a legend 🙌
Ntchr Israal NOLA
Ntchr Israal NOLA 9 kun oldin
Joseph Alan Oliveros
Shiek is doing a Shield Cast, as @Mark Wildman calls it, AJ is doing pullovers. Wonder how much those clubs weigh. I just started club training and a single-arm shield cast with 4.4kg is quite a challenge, especially for the non-dominant hand.
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold 9 kun oldin
Mel Phillips had a set in his K car and said he was given them by the Sheik.
JA WILL 9 kun oldin
When Sheik was in WCW in the early 1990's I worked out at the same gym as Iron Sheik did. He was a nice fellow. He always had the person clubs. He would allow people to try them. A guy named Shaun was the only one I saw do them. One of my regrets is not trying them.
J V L I V S Photography
If I’m not mistaken, those are basically skullcrushers, but with clubs. I’ve always wanted to try them.
Waldo P Schmeer
Waldo P Schmeer 9 kun oldin
We can ACT like Backlund can't still take like 90% of the kids wrestling today haha!! Dude is still sharp as a tack.
CARTOONIVERSE1 9 kun oldin
Why does this show keep asking for this stuff for free? It's a billion dollar company.
Abz N
Abz N 9 kun oldin
It’s good to see Iron Sheik being rarely noticed by WWE.
AIDS Skrillex
AIDS Skrillex 9 kun oldin
When I first saw the video title, I thought that the Iron Sheik had a bunch off night club's.
AIDS Skrillex
AIDS Skrillex 9 kun oldin
thomas stewart
thomas stewart 9 kun oldin
Wow the older backland got the more he looks like Vince McMahon.
Clegg Juicer
Clegg Juicer 9 kun oldin
I wonder who has his golden cocaine kit.
MrMuttly55 9 kun oldin
House of Strength
Kyle Frankman
Kyle Frankman 9 kun oldin
the guitar that plays after these videos is like 100 times louder then the actual video its soo annoying lol
Aunindo Sen
Aunindo Sen 9 kun oldin
Bob backlund is fit because he has never eaten marijuana
masonic87 9 kun oldin
Who’s the playwright?
Mr. Paint
Mr. Paint 9 kun oldin
I bet the Persian clubs are actually lighter than they look. the people that apparently failed to do the iron sheik’s moves with them we’re just faking and acting like they were really heavy
WiggleBabies 9 kun oldin
That looks incredibly difficult lol
Joshua Goff
Joshua Goff 9 kun oldin
Jesus Backlund looks like he could still go lol
Sid Uwi
Sid Uwi 9 kun oldin
more of these on youtube please!!
lighthouse44 9 kun oldin
Ya gotta love Bob Backlund. He is the real deal, very genuine.
scgamerd 9 kun oldin
Back when Wrestling characters were entertaining
Mareko Solomona
Mareko Solomona 9 kun oldin
4:20 the old version of the miz hahaha
Mr Ingram
Mr Ingram 9 kun oldin
Good stuff
darrenjlamb 10 kun oldin
Where can i watch this series in the UK please?
babasnaners _
babasnaners _ 10 kun oldin
Never tried it before!
Runnit Strait
Runnit Strait 10 kun oldin
*You need to find Snitsky's baby!!!!!!*
Joel McCall
Joel McCall 10 kun oldin
I met Bob Backlund he has a handshake like a vice grip amazing personality.
Burton Pierre
Burton Pierre 10 kun oldin
In character
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla 10 kun oldin
Old school don't have to turn in on or off. The "gimmick" is a part of them. It's natural
Richard Gauthier
Richard Gauthier 10 kun oldin
Bob Backlund is awesome. His comeback and heel turn were amazing
JimmyFoxhound 10 kun oldin
Man I love these old school stories and these old school guys.. It's really too bad Backlund got stuck with the soft spoken all american boy gimmick, his Mr. Backlund character (which seems to be closer to his actual crazy self 😂😂) still cracks me up! The storyline of Backlund going crazy 10 years after losing the belt to the Sheik because he claimed he never gave up and his manager threw in the towel (which you can see here @ 7:34) was a stroke of genius. Too bad the whole storyline fell apart as it went on though, I thought it was great!
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce 10 kun oldin
iron sheikh make it look so easy
Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage 10 kun oldin
For context, Sheik was amazed because Backland had almost no momentum between pulls, pure strength. You can usually get into some sort of rhythm, making it slightly easier to rotate.
Timothy Brady
Timothy Brady 10 kun oldin
The different sets of Persian clubs, the ones Backlund used were white. Not seen tried with any other wrestler. I'm sure they were lighter than the other ones that the other wrestlers couldn't do.
Will Robinson
Will Robinson 10 kun oldin
The older sheik got the smaller the clubs
MrMuttly55 9 kun oldin
that's generally how weight lifting works
kurtanglerookieyear 10 kun oldin
I really hope theyre researching Backlund on a regular basis as we speak. He holds the keys to immortality
The Ragoo overlord
The Ragoo overlord 10 kun oldin
Disrespectful that you did not go and see the sheikh.
Big Bear Dave
Big Bear Dave 10 kun oldin
The real treasure is the sheik himself.
Nathan Tait
Nathan Tait 10 kun oldin
I need to bring these back to Raw
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 10 kun oldin
Impressive. Way to pass the test
Ross Malagarie
Ross Malagarie 10 kun oldin
I thought there was no way that big guy could do a few reps with the Persian Clubs but I guess he is as strong as his size makes him look. Just because you are big doesn't mean you are strong but in his case I guess he is very strong.
klaw547 10 kun oldin
Bon use to come to our elementary school and work out with the kids... I'll tell you first hand that intensity is NO gimmick!🤣🤣🤣
Hillbilly Ben
Hillbilly Ben 10 kun oldin
Bob Backland is not just on the spectrum, he IS the spectrum.
dangernoodle 10 kun oldin
V.A.L. 10 kun oldin
Backlund looks like a old miz
Virgil Dawkins
Virgil Dawkins 10 kun oldin
I don't why it seems like the host AJ guy is kind of annoying
Vladpryde 10 kun oldin
I like Bob so much more when he's chill. Jesus, he is completely bipolar lmao. And I say that as someone who is as well.
Travis Fields
Travis Fields 10 kun oldin
Wow, I have NEVER seen videos or pictures of the Iron Shiek when he was younger, with hair and without a mustache. This is great!
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