WWE Biography: Shawn Michaels' Deep Military Ties 

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Shawn Michaels is the son of Air Force Colonel Richard Hickenbottom, and while many of his family members chose the military as a career, Shawn answered the calling of WWE.

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12-Iyl, 2021



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A&E 18 kun oldin
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Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez 2 kun oldin
John Cena looks like he's in the military because of his looks here
Cmpunkforlife Cm
Cmpunkforlife Cm 3 kun oldin
I really wanna see the rock vs Shawn Michaels for the first time ever idk why these two men don’t like each other there’s not even a single match between those two
C G 3 kun oldin
It’s giving DL RN bottom 😂
Stuff like this makes the military and patriotism look so epic and heroic. I hate that there's the dark side where that same group of people turns a blind eye to the bad things its leaders and members do. Wish you could have one without the other.
kellsAC1 8 kun oldin
Nice Shawn, this time you got to hurt people for real...except this time, they didn't expect to get hurt and were probably innocent women and children
2 sweet 4 Life
2 sweet 4 Life 10 kun oldin
Man he looks just like his dad.
John Dodo
John Dodo 10 kun oldin
I feel bad for those people fighting for nothing
Andrew Bowyer
Andrew Bowyer 10 kun oldin
0:30 Shawn is there cos of his ties to the Military, Cena's there to pander to the Military
Kara Costello
Kara Costello 11 kun oldin
I can’t believe how much Shawn looks like his dad! The older military pictures of his dad, you can totally see it. They’re like twins!
Marinemom0311 11 kun oldin
This is awesome as the mother of marine it's amazing to see people appreciate the sacrifice that is made by not only the young people serving but the loved ones left behind.
Nbaa Nelson Rapper
Nbaa Nelson Rapper 12 kun oldin
Jay Nix
Jay Nix 12 kun oldin
I wish I knew the feeling of a proud father.... I know he would be but to know would be unreal
Thomas Peter
Thomas Peter 13 kun oldin
WOW I was Stationed there in 1970 Im wondering when his family was there ??? I lived off Base at the Kon Tiki Apts!!
Dick Hammerbusch
Dick Hammerbusch 13 kun oldin
His dad was HBK before HBK with those throwback photos!
Martha Hinga
Martha Hinga 13 kun oldin
Had crush on Shawn in the day still like watching his old shows
Y2K 13 kun oldin
pushing the propaganda for the military industrial complex
Donald McClure Jr.
Donald McClure Jr. 13 kun oldin
I didn't know his father passed away. I was surprised. Cool discussion clip, by Shawn Michaels!
Barry Jacobson
Barry Jacobson 13 kun oldin
He looks like his dad!! Keep living with honor, HBK!! 👍👍✌️
Joe Santana
Joe Santana 13 kun oldin
The 1 The Only HBK 💔
wrestlingmuffin 13 kun oldin
je suis Informaticien
american military = terrorists , period
Great One
Great One 13 kun oldin
We need more of these
Martel Michaels
Martel Michaels 13 kun oldin
Love you Shawn !
Chucky 14 kun oldin
All my combat tours with the marines i use to come back home like why they only go visit the army and air force . I realized that the army be in the safest place where celebrities can come visit them shout out Shawn michaels and WWE for their support.
Ed Bain
Ed Bain 14 kun oldin
Lol.....good one....
Taylor Wendt
Taylor Wendt 14 kun oldin
I never miss WWE tribute to the troops.
Uridien 1
Uridien 1 14 kun oldin
I thought his ties ended with the bar fight. Wasn't it with one Marine, but the PR people spread rumors it was several Marines? 🤔
Waldo 15 kun oldin
don't care, bring back live pd
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller 15 kun oldin
I had no idea Shawn Michaels dad served in the military. I guess you learn something new everyday.
Ian Blackwell
Ian Blackwell 10 kun oldin
Yeah @thomas muller he played hs football in Texas because that's where his dad was stationed
Ian Blackwell
Ian Blackwell 10 kun oldin
@Thomas Peter he literally said his father served lol
shoeaddiction123 11 kun oldin
@Thomas Peter he never said Shawn served silly !
Thomas Peter
Thomas Peter 13 kun oldin
He never served His Father Served as a Col in the Air Force!!!
Miguel Salas
Miguel Salas 15 kun oldin
Thanks HBK
ssnader a
ssnader a 15 kun oldin
I have a military tie too but i dont like wearing ties
ssnader a
ssnader a 15 kun oldin
I dont think any hbk fan gives a dam whether he has military ties or not
Mitchy Drama204
Mitchy Drama204 15 kun oldin
Man of honour tell that to Bret Hart lol
BLACKH34RT$T0N3R 12 kun oldin
If only Brett was willing to drop the title it never would of gotten to that point
viral intention
viral intention 15 kun oldin
Freemasonry right on his arm
Grouch 12 kun oldin
samainee 15 kun oldin
He has his dad's eyes. ❤️
Grouch 12 kun oldin
@TheCloudyGuy420 👀
TheCloudyGuy420 12 kun oldin
His dad's eyes were straight😄
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 15 kun oldin
He also sucked off that Military General that left him 8 million dollars in the mid 90s
SHALOM 15 kun oldin
Remember that time the boy toy unleashed weapons of mass destruction on Brett Hart and forever changed the rasslin business.
islandboy274 15 kun oldin
laughed when he said man of honor given his involvement with the Montreal Screwjob.
M C 15 kun oldin
Shawn Hickenbottom the man? Awful human being
nabil achraf
nabil achraf 15 kun oldin
Arogant x wrestler humbeled by the undertaker
BaziL Shah
BaziL Shah 14 kun oldin
that was preplanned its not Undertakers thing
NormanNorthman 15 kun oldin
“Shawn Michaels deep military ties” Don’t forget when HBK picked a fight with some US Marines and got his butt kicked. 😂
TheCloudyGuy420 12 kun oldin
That's why I clicked the video🤣
Peter von Stamer
Peter von Stamer 14 kun oldin
And the 123 kid was under the car hiding
tony gilbert
tony gilbert 15 kun oldin
@S L actuality it was 5 or 6 Davey boy said it was 6 he was stuck in the car and couldn't get out to help
SHALOM 15 kun oldin
TRUE STORY: That Marine hit him so hard his eye is still crooked.
S L 15 kun oldin
Pretty sure it was 1 marine. According to everyone but shawn.🤣🤣
Dagoorey 15 kun oldin
Just fired at a village full of children 👶.
TFFT WHODA 15 kun oldin
I forgot when I was a kid in a concert I walked right next to Shawn and reymystero I was like 14 and Taller then Ray I just got nervous and walked by them like a normal person
ImChunkyyy 12 kun oldin
@Chris Hey just wanted to tell you that God and Jesus love you so much that God would send his one and only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins✝️✝️Get a relationship with God and Jesus and repent for your sins.God and Jesus love you so much and are always with you
Chris 12 kun oldin
Hey I'm trying to get in contact with you about your cars warranty
Lol Shawn and Rey together at a concert? Which concert? ROFL, I guess Shawn and Rey were secret buddies lol
ImChunkyyy 13 kun oldin
@关羽 Hey just wanted to tell you that God and Jesus love you so much that God would send his one and only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins✝️✝️Get a relationship with God and Jesus and repent for your sins.God and Jesus love you so much and are always with you
关羽 14 kun oldin
Which concert?
JonDoe 10k
JonDoe 10k 15 kun oldin
was that jocko i saw?
Wigadama 15 kun oldin
*_Hello beautiful people. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy, and loved. Wishing you a good day!_*
bessie Morris
bessie Morris 15 kun oldin
Hey same to you my friend stay well and safe
Chris Turner
Chris Turner 15 kun oldin
My favorite wrestler since my childhood The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels💔🐐
bessie Morris
bessie Morris 15 kun oldin
I have always loved Shawn he is such a down to earth man and a kind and humble soul he is truly what legends are made of I used to tell my nephew who is a big wwe fan that Shawn was my brother he just had that big brother kindness my nephew would always get a kick out of me saying that I love Shawn Michael's thank you for serving our country Shawn you are so awsome God bless you and your family
Grouch 12 kun oldin
Is now, was an areshole back in the day by all accounts until he found God 🙏
big L
big L 15 kun oldin
My favourite wrestler, just the greatest shawn michaels🙏💙
Harry Walker1
Harry Walker1 15 kun oldin
Nice guy
jason roy
jason roy 15 kun oldin
That's the legendary Shawn Michaels for you.... ❤️❤️
ImChunkyyy 14 kun oldin
Hey just wanted to tell you that God and Jesus love you so much that God would send his one and only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins✝️✝️Get a relationship with God and Jesus and repent for your sins✝️✝️ God and Jesus love you so much and are always with you
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