"Rebel" The Giant Schnauzer Lives Up To Her Name With WILD Run | America's Top Dog | A&E 

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A&E 13 kun oldin
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Beach Baby
Beach Baby 20 soat oldin
Giants are really hard dogs. This gal has worked super hard to get this dog where it is and yet you can see that the Giant has her own agenda. Sadly too many people get these dogs with no idea how to train them, and trust me even if you know how to train them they will twist you up all inside trying to get the best out of them. Amazing breed but requires a really smart owner. Well done to both Rebel and her owner! But for real...why were the commentators such boneheads saying such stupid things and then that girl at the end ...really? This isn't a show I will watch again for any breed that's for sure!
CJ 8 kun oldin
Rebel is young. She'll be a contender soon enough!
Natalie Harris
Natalie Harris 13 kun oldin
What a gorgeous dog. She seems so fun!
Audrey D
Audrey D 13 kun oldin
Giants have minds of their own. They are incredible dogs, though.
Debbie Schultz
Debbie Schultz 13 kun oldin
I have never seen a schnauzer that big. Great dog and owner. 🙏
Beach Baby
Beach Baby 20 soat oldin
its a Giant Schnauzer...not related to the mini
Kell Davis
Kell Davis 4 kun oldin
Well I have 2 giant snhauzers and one of them is about the size of a gear Dane
Nancy Torgie
Nancy Torgie 13 kun oldin
They are beautiful dog’s ❤️
sranubus 13 kun oldin
One of these dogs is going to jump off that top platform... Naval height mesh fall safety rail with jumping dogs was a dumb idea.
Tanner Kirk
Tanner Kirk 13 kun oldin
You can clearly tell that all that training was for a good cause!
Mors Mutual Insurance
that dog sucks.
jbzhummerh2gamer 13 kun oldin
3:49-3:54 You bend over toward a dog they will do 1 of 2 things: 1. Act nervous - back away, maybe even bark & growl a bit 2. Happily great you - Run/bound/lunge toward you & lick you all over What did she expect?
Honey Mustard
Honey Mustard Kun oldin
i mean Rebel was overexcited and was just a bit much, most well trained dogs won’t run and jump on you :)) she was just surprised at Rebel’s reaction
Megan H
Megan H 13 kun oldin
My favorite breed of dog. But I find it odd that they used red for all the pulls, dogs cannot see red, violet, orange. Very weird that they chose red.🐈‍⬛
Luckman Ali
Luckman Ali 13 kun oldin
Stupid people crying with dog i learn to except myself omg
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 13 kun oldin
Good video
Mary Levin
Mary Levin 13 kun oldin
Have wanted one of these forever 💖💖
Shelly Webb
Shelly Webb 13 kun oldin
Yes the dogs talented but not talented enough because she wasn't listening to her owner when she was supposed to do the track I would be. But I wouldn't be mean cuz that's just not me I'm not a mean person but I just would be furious but I get over it when you do stuff like that you should have a German Shepherd cuz they're smart dogs and because of rebel and how she did the poor girl lost that round anyway.
Renatta Castell
Renatta Castell 13 kun oldin
Also I thought the same, gettin frustrated over losing and everything going wrong. I personally didn’t believe the dog should have been in the show. Butttt, I just found out that the dog was owner trained, and not professionally trained. So they actually did somewhat good?? It wasn’t the best, I’m sure other dogs could have done better. But again, I think this dog was owner trained which is a big different from a professional trainer.
Renatta Castell
Renatta Castell 13 kun oldin
Doesn’t matter what breed what matters is the training. That dog needs better focus on handler, better recall, and more confidence. Again, doesn’t matter what breed, if anything I’ve seen a Pomeranian with better focus and training.
Steve Xyz
Steve Xyz 13 kun oldin
Handsome dog but not trained to do coursework... Oh yeah German shepherds can do it.. Labrador retrievers too...
Elizabeth Kling
Elizabeth Kling 13 kun oldin
I love dogs like Rebel They add joy to life
Shelly Webb
Shelly Webb 13 kun oldin
German shepherds listen better than those dogs so do chihuahuas
Steve Xyz
Steve Xyz 13 kun oldin
It wasn't the dog ...it was the owner inability to train the dog to do coursework..
Catherine Flores
Catherine Flores 13 kun oldin
Wow!! talented dog
Limerick502 13 kun oldin
Beautiful, smart dog!!
Marsha c.
Marsha c. 13 kun oldin
About as well trained as my daughters fur baby!
Monica B
Monica B 13 kun oldin
Jo Pan
Jo Pan 13 kun oldin
Don't even mess with a Giant Schnauzer
jbzhummerh2gamer 13 kun oldin
Don't even mess with either Schnauzer - Giant, Standard, or as I had a Miniature. He was no joke, it took him a minute to even warm up to extended family. (He did learn quickly though, so long as he was a good boy he'd get food & pets.)
Anonymous 13 kun oldin
Gracie Bonsell
Gracie Bonsell 13 kun oldin
Shane Luke
Shane Luke 13 kun oldin
Looks a bit like 0UR CRUFTS but only one dog ( REBEL ) taking part
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