Parking Wars: "That's NOT FAIR!" - Top 5 Moments | A&E 

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A&E 11 kun oldin
Find full episodes of Parking Wars in this playlist! uzblock.info/milk/PLcviVtB85dLzA5m6HLUnyIaR5iHaBvDtf.html
80s rocked
80s rocked 8 kun oldin
Love this show, thanks so much for posting
dijidijidiji 9 kun oldin
82 unavailable videos are hidden
Jorge Fisher
Jorge Fisher 15 soat oldin
Of course the very first clip is from Downtown Providence, RI!!!
Peg Leg Pete
Peg Leg Pete 16 soat oldin
I am 81 years old we used cloth diapers with each of our 9 children, plus we also had great rags.
C Michele Gray
C Michele Gray Kun oldin
Why do ya'll keep arguing with folks?!?! They know they wrong! Parking in a crossword and then saying that "it wasn't there before"...what??!!🙄
Shatia Strong
Shatia Strong Kun oldin
Sis don't play about garlfield
Maggots in the crosshairs
This show could double as a documentary about ignorance and the MASSIVE FAILURE of our educational system.
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson Kun oldin
Its not fair lmao. Responsibility for your actions. The guy who said he works for the city is very rude, thinks he's privileged. What goes around comes around
Gordon Gordon
Gordon Gordon 2 kun oldin
You can't fix stupid.
Reed Tardio
Reed Tardio 2 kun oldin
5:37 White Jabba the Hutt sounds about white.
A анонимный
This feels like a badly scripted show lmao... wtf.
heyitsahuva 2 kun oldin
This is like toilet wars from Sam and cat😂
Franklin Walker
Franklin Walker 2 kun oldin
A grown man trying to blame someone else for his baby not having diapers. If you can't afford a ticket DON'T park in a no parking zone.
James Garabedian
James Garabedian 3 kun oldin
Has to be the worst job in the world.
Dr Erin White
Dr Erin White 3 kun oldin
Wow that black guy did all that screaming and yelling for something that had nothing to do with him. So typical….
Judith Martin
Judith Martin 3 kun oldin
Yea, they need more( episodes) because people are hilarious.
FKJos 3 kun oldin
Imagine the city fining all these folks and can't even afford to fix them boots.
Goo Voo
Goo Voo 3 kun oldin
You know the rule.
Goo Voo
Goo Voo 3 kun oldin
Big trouble.
JAMES HOUSTON 4 kun oldin
All of the violators are registered democrat voters!
Donna Hanford Nichols
The guy complaining about not being able to afford diapers: Get a second job & stop having kids you can’t afford.
ToniHunterOne 4 kun oldin
I commiserate with all the victi m s of our abusive city governance(s). I've gotten my fair share of unfair tickets. Even the judge always reduces my tickets to $5 because he agrees with me but he can't change the ordinance.
Arminda Fortney
Arminda Fortney 4 kun oldin
Everyone loves to lie just to get out of a ticket.
Thanos THEEE Titan
Thanos THEEE Titan 4 kun oldin
Wow that guy is jealous that he got a ticket.
Checkin AINT Cheatin
what a cornball you get a ticket so you make sure your neighbor gets one? What kind of MAN are you?
Eirik Doblon
Eirik Doblon 4 kun oldin
wow some people are such liars
All SPOOLED UP 5 kun oldin
That women is way too nice. Why feel bad, the guys parked right in front of a hydrant. Nobody is a fan of parking enforcement, but even I think he deserves that one
Alec DeVaney
Alec DeVaney 5 kun oldin
Whiney oversized babies always great entertainment 🤣
Justsayin 5 kun oldin
This show could be 'anywhere' USA, and the same excuses would still be used!
Ianna80 5 kun oldin
Idk (obv’s) but I’m guessing these workers DON’T get paid anywhere near enough to deal w/these ppl!! I’m also guessing the $$ they get from being on this show isn’t enough either!! Being called “evil” & prob a LOT of other name’s!!
James Klassen
James Klassen 5 kun oldin
She should have given him another ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant. Irresponsible people that never take responsibility for their own actions. What a crybaby..
David T
David T 5 kun oldin
$41 going to make or break you then you need to find a new job or be more responsible with your money
True Scotsman
True Scotsman 5 kun oldin
that law is a trap. no sign required no red curb. its designed to get money from out of towners visiting. you pick up a ticket out of town you always just pay it rather than travel back to fight it. they know this. not even paining the curb red is criminal. its only in that part of the city so they're the ones that will know most other drivers will be clueless. i never knew.
Anubis 5 kun oldin
Im with Jonathan! It's his Tavern there...somewhere he has to park.
Patricia Chavira
Patricia Chavira 5 kun oldin
People play on other people's sympathy just so they can get out of paying a ticket so this way they can keep doing it .
Gerald Dileonardo
Gerald Dileonardo 5 kun oldin
Dress up as "Large Marge" !!! That oughta fit the bill !!! You could use your ticket book as your "diner check" !! Parking "cops" is an insult !! Why don't they give tickets to the cars parking in loading zones or handicap spaces ??? Nah, those people just throw tickets away!! The people who PAY tickets are not the scofflaws !!! DO YOUR JOB CORRECTLY !!
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan
I parked illegally once to buy a parcel fish and chips...which cost about 2 dollars, got fined 50 dollars, so not tym I rather parked a little bit further...and boy did I enjoy that parcel
Kimmie Colton
Kimmie Colton 6 kun oldin
I love me some Ponytail but he’s doing good job but where he at now?
Jacob 6 kun oldin
Don’t be like the second guy and have 2 kids if you’re broke
LeGrim Reaper
LeGrim Reaper 6 kun oldin
They gotta add a $1000 arguing fee. That'll shut them up
NaturallyPaige_ 6 kun oldin
Nothing in life is fair 🥴😩😩
m w
m w 6 kun oldin
The bar owner sounded like a 3 year old.
marc7491 6 kun oldin
If it's a PPA policy that a parking enforcement officer can't ticket a vehicle that is not in their assigned area, then it's a ridiculous policy!
Storm gaming official
4:43 don’t get parking tickets then or you will be even more behind 🤦‍♂️
Dario Witer
Dario Witer 7 kun oldin
Man, these people that illegally park their cars are such dumbasses! Ethnic minorities are the worst offenders in terms of parking violations and are arrogant as f*** when they think they're in the right! Good gravy! 🙄😒
Thomas Gladders
Thomas Gladders 7 kun oldin
In CA all of the money generated from parking tickets goes to funding whatever governor is campaigning at the time! 👎🏼 It should go to fixing the roads and infrastructure in my opinion. ☮️
Ryan Haney
Ryan Haney 7 kun oldin
You aren't doing everything you are supposed to do, because you aren't supposed to be parking there my guy
PlatinumHD 7 kun oldin
this in boston?
Club 604
Club 604 7 kun oldin
*writes ticket for parking in a no parking zone whilst parking in the middle of the street and holding up traffic*
Jaime M.
Jaime M. 7 kun oldin
Bee Dotz
Bee Dotz 7 kun oldin
10:20 Dude slipped right past Sherry. Had he been violent, Garfield would've been caught off-guard and completely defenseless.
coda 7 kun oldin
did he say family, nothing is stronger than family.
Andrez Hernandez
Andrez Hernandez 7 kun oldin
You made her feel bad
Rick Thompson
Rick Thompson 8 kun oldin
I feel for her, the guy is a jerk, he shouldn't have parked there.
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 8 kun oldin
boo hood...pay your tickets and learn to park someplace else...duhhhh
Margaret Peabody
Margaret Peabody 8 kun oldin
Ponytail has just gotten so hardened from these defensive and abusive drivers, it makes me sad.
ScottyFox 8 kun oldin
I standing right here..invisible apparently.
R E 8 kun oldin
....parking in a no stop zone + in front of a firehydrant... = ticket well deserved.
J Gage
J Gage 8 kun oldin
But all I did was stop in a no stopping zone !
Bill McCue
Bill McCue 8 kun oldin
I feel bad for the PPA PEOs. She wrote the ticket. The dude instead of acting a fool shouldn’t have parked there. She’s got nothing to feel bad about. She did her job. Do your job and move along.
Nike Life
Nike Life 8 kun oldin
U stop @ a fire hydrant. And think it’s not fare.he lucky in NYC it’s 250
salty grandpa
salty grandpa 8 kun oldin
5:00 dont feel bad
Alza 8 kun oldin
The Beyonce of meter maids was right. STOPPING PROHIBITED! 🚫
80s rocked
80s rocked 8 kun oldin
I've never been on the boot list but I can get those boots off in less than 5 mins...no prob...
n u
n u 5 kun oldin
@kgrkid who cares, its just an imaginary thing made up by man called "law". no one owns the earth.
kgrkid 8 kun oldin
You do realize you just stated that you would commit a felony to get out of paying parking tickets, stupid!
Sophia_Playzz 8 kun oldin
“I don’t think it’s my fault because I don’t read the signs” hoh
Diana Garay
Diana Garay 8 kun oldin
Just give a ticket and walk away 🤷🏻‍♀️ they can call the number
Donnie E.
Donnie E. 8 kun oldin
Come on brotha. Represent yourself better than this. You wanted her to ticket the car particularly because you saw the official FBI sign? Too much time on your hands... well, after I seen the guy who parked directly in front the fire hydrant and then blame the PPA for giving him a ticket, the guy wanting the FBI ticketed is not looking so bad
Alberto Cuevas
Alberto Cuevas 8 kun oldin
You know if you're so poor, you could always get another job. All the time you spend sitting there arguing over a ticket.. Can be used working another job...
Cef 47
Cef 47 8 kun oldin
“I don’t think it’s my fault Bc I didn’t read the sign” LOL whatttt???
VisionSeeker60 8 kun oldin
Raymond Bach
Raymond Bach 8 kun oldin
What gives the right to block the street to give a ticket you sir need to be towed
bowler569 8 kun oldin
Don't feel bad for these people can't follow the simplest of rules.
bowler569 8 kun oldin
Love how it's always someone else's fault.
Cathy Foster
Cathy Foster 8 kun oldin
Flashers do not give you a pass. Why do people think that’s ok?
Charles Messersmith
Shell Hill
Shell Hill 8 kun oldin
Very first incident: if it's not her post what the heck is she doing there?
Rick Reed
Rick Reed 8 kun oldin
My guess is that it ended at that intersection, and the car was on the other side of the intersection in the territory that was someone else’s.
Never forget Jub Jub
"It's not fair" = it's inconvenient for me.
John Muschaweck
John Muschaweck 9 kun oldin
You get blamed if you do your job and get blamed if you don't do your job
Daniel Hou
Daniel Hou 9 kun oldin
8:19 “I work for the city”, so you think your job grants you immunity? Lol people like you corrupted Detroit.
jjaus 9 kun oldin
These idiots are sociopaths. They think they can do as they please. PS, parking fines there are cheap compared to Australia.
Moons DarkAngel
Moons DarkAngel 9 kun oldin
Pay your friggin tickets!!!!
Moons DarkAngel
Moons DarkAngel 9 kun oldin
What whiny babies. You park it, you deserve what you get.
Otis Crop
Otis Crop 9 kun oldin
Bring back LivePD
Marc Poletti
Marc Poletti 9 kun oldin
EVERYBODY who drives knows where you can and can't park, but you take the risk, then it's parking officers fault.
Pete McConn
Pete McConn 9 kun oldin
Spanish lady would you like some cheese with that whine 🙄
moudry leida
moudry leida 9 kun oldin
Even more sorry
anastyb 9 kun oldin
If I were Garfield the owner of my tavern would have been sucking on the end of a 9 mm if he touched me. If you can't read a sign it's your fault.
Ryan James
Ryan James 9 kun oldin
Probably lives in a liberal city. Vote differently. Also don’t have children if you cannot afford them.
Alonso Cushing
Alonso Cushing 9 kun oldin
So many people with their pants on fire.
Sabrina Soldani
Sabrina Soldani 9 kun oldin
Lmao guy should just get a job as one of them if he’s so adamant about it🤣
Rebel Friend
Rebel Friend 9 kun oldin
Bruh! Even Stevie Wonder can see the crosswalk lines
PackingMessyCans 9 kun oldin
Seahawk Dragon
Seahawk Dragon 9 kun oldin
It just astounds me to realize just how many people refuse to take responsibility for their actions! Not only with parking but with so many other things.
jerone lawrence
jerone lawrence 9 kun oldin
angry snitching lol
Nancy EL
Nancy EL 9 kun oldin
These people are so immature! If you break the rules you pay. Take responsibility for your own actions. Grow up. What isn’t fair is someone who thinks they’re exempt from the law.
Samaila Abdullahi
Samaila Abdullahi 9 kun oldin
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Stephen Ganpot
Stephen Ganpot 9 kun oldin
a lot of acting up!!!!!
Vincenzo Stagliano
Vincenzo Stagliano 9 kun oldin
Love marilyn
Tony DNY
Tony DNY 9 kun oldin
I will take a $41 ticket any day over a over $115 especially in nyc
HOW MUSIC 9 kun oldin
$41 😂
Jennifer alien
Jennifer alien 9 kun oldin
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Jessica cinde
Jessica cinde 9 kun oldin
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Replied by MrBeast
Replied by MrBeast 9 kun oldin
You are right man, investment is the key ,,
Paul Barron Network
Exactly.... nice words
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