New Series "Dirty Rotten Cleaners" Premieres Monday, July 19 at 10pm ET/PT on A&E 

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BlueEyedSoul24 7 kun oldin
Home full of filth, insects, mold and bacteria. Two minutes later they have their hazmat masks off, basking in the filth. I watched the whole episode and it's disgusting.
Sinful_Impunity 7 kun oldin
Probably my new favorite show on A&E. Python and Margred are funny 😄
Jaime M.
Jaime M. 7 kun oldin
Sarcastically Deranged
I tried watching it, couldn't make it past 15 minutes. Too loud and boring.
MJ's lemonade
MJ's lemonade 7 kun oldin
to be honest me as a person who cant stand for things to get this way: EITHER TEAR IT DOWN OR BLEACH THAT BISH
Joe and Heather Seng
Loved it!
phil312 8 kun oldin
Python and Margred!!! You all are hilarious!!!
Laura N.
Laura N. 8 kun oldin
Is this KYLE!!!!??? From Spaulding???
Ashley Benitez
Ashley Benitez 7 kun oldin
Yess. !!!
Rock Star
Rock Star 7 kun oldin
It is!!!!! He has filmed a few shows now
Laura N.
Laura N. 8 kun oldin
@Jessica 😃😃😃I have MISSED Kyle so much😊😊😊
Jessica 8 kun oldin
Yes! I follow him on Instagram. He’s the only reason I’ll be tuning in.
Dub It Loud !
Dub It Loud ! 8 kun oldin
0:56 By HUMAN URINE ??!! Whaaaaaaaaat ? He took his bed for a WC ?? What the F ....
J D 8 kun oldin
No Spaulding Decon, no care.
It’s ya gurl Z
It’s ya gurl Z 8 kun oldin
Y’all need too go to nyc 😭the streets brooo
Garden of Eve
Garden of Eve 8 kun oldin
Doesn't look half as good as the U.K.'s O.C. Cleaners.
WD Harris
WD Harris 8 kun oldin
Spaulding Decon is the original....
Rock Star
Rock Star 7 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣 good thing is Kyle from their UZblock series starts in the 3rd episode
Fwyd 8 kun oldin
“Florida filth?” Redundant!
Ma M
Ma M 8 kun oldin
Guess y’all wanted to capitalize on Spaulding Decon’s cult popularity. I’ll stick with Spaulding Decon and Maggie Maggot, tyvm 😌
Rock Star
Rock Star 7 kun oldin
Yes but, Kyle from the UZblock series will be on Episode 3
* Justme *
* Justme * 8 kun oldin
A&E also copyright checks real world police for public information
Meechie Baby
Meechie Baby 8 kun oldin
Hey, is that blonde young man from the other show with Spalding Decon? That's why he left.
Rock Star
Rock Star 7 kun oldin
Apologies, I read it as Bald🤣
LakelandHEAT 7 kun oldin
The young, blond headed guy is actually Missy's son. 🙂👍
Rock Star
Rock Star 7 kun oldin
Yup! But that's not why he left
White Wolf
White Wolf 8 kun oldin
2016 Dr. Fauci said: There will be a pandemic. They have it in the V A C C I N E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay safe
Kywan Webster
Kywan Webster 8 kun oldin
Clean that dirty 🏠 😂
laylay Jones
laylay Jones 8 kun oldin
Jeanine M
Jeanine M 8 kun oldin
This is really unnecessary....especially that it's based in Florida
Jeanine M
Jeanine M 8 kun oldin
@MrDawson777 I said what I said
MrDawson777 8 kun oldin
no... its uh show? it is necessary
sean skinner
sean skinner 8 kun oldin
Bring back beyond scared straight
Justin Parker Productions
How about we bring back asbestos
Nicholas A
Nicholas A 8 kun oldin
@MrDawson777 true
MrDawson777 8 kun oldin
Alessandro Gambino
Alessandro Gambino 8 kun oldin
THIS IS LAME. A&E go back to The first 48. That was your only worthy material.
All Tingles ASMR 2
All Tingles ASMR 2 8 kun oldin
It would be awesome if they flipped a coin before every house to decide wether to actually clean it, or burn it down with a flamethrower.
matthew mann
matthew mann 8 kun oldin
More brushes, plungers, combs, sponges, and scrapers need to be auditioning yeah
BancF 8 kun oldin
When yo cousins don’t tell you they house infested before you come over