Man Protects His Home & Family From Intruders | I Survived a Crime | A&E 

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A&E 18 kun oldin
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ثروة الخليج R.I.P
All would be villains watching this video vowed if they were ever faced with a machete they will use the weapon with no delay
Diane Mahan
Diane Mahan 15 kun oldin
Mean judge
Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly 15 kun oldin
I do love a happy ending. I wish these low life would just be normal and get a job. 1 thing they never understand or take into consideration, this 1 robbery can ruin someone’s whole life and make them live in constant fear. All because scum bags are too lazy to work and would rather point a gun at someone and take what they have earned. 😞
cody481 15 kun oldin
That's not a dog it's a chihuahua.
QBee240 19 soat oldin
That gun must not have been loaded.
Dan Russell
Dan Russell 5 kun oldin
This is why I carry at home . Call me crazy , but I'm not taking a knife to a gun fight .
Ricardo Rojas
Ricardo Rojas 5 kun oldin
The home owner was too nice. He didn't finish the job.
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 7 kun oldin
Was it worth it, morons ?
Hot Mess Mom
Hot Mess Mom 7 kun oldin
The homeowner is Cesar Milan 😂
Robert Valdez
Robert Valdez 7 kun oldin
We need to start killing off these people that invade our homes the jails are too full and our pockets are too broke to house them for the rest of the worthless lives.
Mister Easter
Mister Easter 8 kun oldin
Machete kills
Owen LePage
Owen LePage 8 kun oldin
imagine breaking into a house and having two other friends AND having a shotgun but still getting arrested
NC_GC✔️ 8 kun oldin
I hope they cut out the part where they slashed him with the machete. Really hope they did that to him
Caleb TV
Caleb TV 9 kun oldin
Maria Stenljung
Maria Stenljung 9 kun oldin
The homeowner was not trying to play hero, his reaction was to defend his family no matter what, if he had surrender instead, you never know what the robbers could do to your family, we have all seen evidence of that in daily news
Doug Styles
Doug Styles 10 kun oldin
1 was caught and snitched on the rest. Lol... typical "homie"
TX BOI 10 kun oldin
He protect and he attack, but most importantly he protact
Nikola Jovanovski
Nikola Jovanovski 10 kun oldin
A man who sleeps with a machete is a fool every night but one.
Simply Wonderful
Simply Wonderful 11 kun oldin
I suspect that the guy with the shotgun had no ammo in it, as he had plenty of time to fire at the homeowner, and at 4AM he'd likely be able to get away.
Todd Kingsdale
Todd Kingsdale 11 kun oldin
LOL, A&E trying so hard with these new shows to recover from their horrible ratings since canceling LivePD.
Gaz Benfell
Gaz Benfell 12 kun oldin
At least the punishment fits the crime. Here in the UK, they would’ve received a community order…
andruboy80 12 kun oldin
He had to go INSIDE to get an outdor machete... can't help but wonder what else does he keep in his bedroom
Fortnite Bot
Fortnite Bot 12 kun oldin
He looked into his eyes and seen a man not willing to shoot😳
Not Necessary
Not Necessary 12 kun oldin
Bringing a knife to a gun fight is pretty stupid but he was very lucky!!!!!
Moogan Stooker
Moogan Stooker 12 kun oldin
What was that saying about bringing a knife to a gunfight?
Lambda Lambda Lambda variant
How does this guy manage to walk with a set of balls like that?
Napi omahkapi'si
Napi omahkapi'si 12 kun oldin
And thats why I am armed even in My house!
Mr Glock23
Mr Glock23 12 kun oldin
A machete??? Lucky that that worked. ..
Min Tuts
Min Tuts 12 kun oldin
20 years! Australian Judges need to use that kind of sentencing over here!!!
Gunnin Gabe
Gunnin Gabe 12 kun oldin
I have a firearm with me everywhere I am even in the shower and this is why, these cowards would've been killed
Gunnin Gabe
Gunnin Gabe 12 kun oldin
Man could you imagine if the burglar was really bout it though and just shot him he's lucky the guy didn't have the balls to pull the trigger. He's A Legend though don't get it twisted he charged so fast with that machete 🤣
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers 13 kun oldin
This is another example of why you never ever bring or tell another person and that goes for your dead mom that u keep swearing and say on my dead mama grave.
freesf ftrefv
freesf ftrefv 13 kun oldin
I'm surprised the homeowner can even walk with those giant balls he has
Avverr 13 kun oldin
Family dog is the best he’s like “YOU TRYING ATTACK AND ROB US HUH” 😂
JediGrind 13 kun oldin
Hahahaha sucker
Jared Howell
Jared Howell 13 kun oldin
Bro that machete is so big it should be considered a sword 😂
jesus christ jedfz
jesus christ jedfz 13 kun oldin
1:12 almost decapitated his son bruh 😂
the way I see it
the way I see it 13 kun oldin
He may have courage, but he made a wrong move. This time, he was lucky. When he runs to the house, I expected to see him with a gun, not a machete.
J. Spears
J. Spears 13 kun oldin
What up Dumbo?!
John Edward Jones
John Edward Jones 13 kun oldin
Good for homeowner...Great to see Gio too.
Zyon 13 kun oldin
Either that was a toy gun or they all forgot to get ammo
Ian Chesney
Ian Chesney 13 kun oldin
Could have easily been a dead man.
Josep Blawaczki
Josep Blawaczki 13 kun oldin
American self protection law. Exterminate all your home intruders. No matter the assailant type. Is the self defense law.
Randy Savage
Randy Savage 13 kun oldin
The homeowner was more of a killer than the burglar was.
Jenny Greenwood
Jenny Greenwood 13 kun oldin
BRAVO to the home owner!!!
Ϯ 13 kun oldin
Stupid but thanks God
Andrew Seymour
Andrew Seymour 13 kun oldin
Thugs deserve to rot in the ground.
Jacquelene De Leon
Jacquelene De Leon 13 kun oldin
Chris Sinni
Chris Sinni 13 kun oldin
It's pretty stupid bringing a knife to a gunfight glad it turned out the way it did
Tony Martino
Tony Martino 13 kun oldin
Good thing the guy sold his shotgun shells for meth
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 13 kun oldin
The rmj experiment on UZblock
Cat Tinkerbell
Cat Tinkerbell 13 kun oldin
Hoüe the other 3 POS got 20 years too?
©️ 🅰️ 🅿️ 🤴
His son didn't even put a cigarette down 🤣 fkn savage.
FlakySnake 13 kun oldin
Isn't this from like 2006?
Uhp Yarz
Uhp Yarz 13 kun oldin
Honestly they both got lucky!! The homeowner is lucky the intruder was not set on shooting because if that would have been the case it’d be over in a sec. The intruder got lucky he man didn’t have the heart to slice those hands right off!
Jimmy K
Jimmy K 13 kun oldin
Don’t allow the Democrats and Beijing Biden take away your rite to legally own a firearm to protect your family and loved ones.
Gianluca 13 kun oldin
if he was alone I could understand it, but if my son was under threat of two weapons I would not feel like taking the risk
Gothus Touchstone Singularity
Non of them both are up for any action... It's just a display of scare tactics.
TheNicest 13 kun oldin
Thug life..the real man always protect family💪💪💪💪we love u brother
WONDERING WOLF 13 kun oldin
In a country like the US can't he get a gun and keep it for moments like this !!!!!!!!
TheConsole Killer
TheConsole Killer 13 kun oldin
Is it considered a home invasion if someone just cant resist the new Balls-Less rotten turkey bottoms that just came out in parts of america and the scandanavias?
N/A N/A 13 kun oldin
Respect!! 💯
StannisBaratheon305 13 kun oldin
Don’t do what he did. He was lucky they were not killers. Have a firearm ready.
Anthony Palacios
Anthony Palacios 13 kun oldin
How they have a whole gun n not do nun thief’s are looking for victims not a fight
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 13 kun oldin
Bro you had a shot gun and lost to a machete. He wasn't about that life. Machete guy has balls. Wasn't backing down
zoldyk 14 kun oldin
kannel 14 kun oldin
meantime in finland : for the same crime judges give only 1 year of probational sentence so those criminals have still chance to intergarate to our society and culture and laws .
Dr. Fill
Dr. Fill 14 kun oldin
That dad has some real balls.
onenikkione 14 kun oldin
This could have ended bad for the Homeowner. Should have came back out the house as Tony Montana "say hello to my little Friend"
AkIce Queen
AkIce Queen 14 kun oldin
If it wasn’t for that dog, the suspect would’ve gotten away.
Sofia Biscuit
Sofia Biscuit 14 kun oldin
we all know the real hero here is the dog😫😫
T Dizzle
T Dizzle 14 kun oldin
This guy just changed that phrase.. now it’s “ you better bring a knife to a gunfight “
Insolent Stickleback
I have a giant Machete and a shotgun in my Arsenal, it is good to have options.
T Dizzle
T Dizzle 14 kun oldin
I wonder how the guy defending his home with a machete doesn’t have back problems from carry those balls of steel around his whole life. True legend
J B 14 kun oldin
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen 14 kun oldin
He went full Jason Voorhees on them.
Taco Face
Taco Face 14 kun oldin
The dude had a shotgun and ran wtf
Paul, Does things.
Paul, Does things. 14 kun oldin
I was very sad that the guy didn't return with an gun and that all three robbers survived. Very sad indeed.
Rubber Knees
Rubber Knees 14 kun oldin
Dipshit brought a knife to a gun fight...and won!?
esp224 14 kun oldin
Wonder why the guy never used the shottie,he would have been splattered all over the patio.
Chad H
Chad H 14 kun oldin
Ive always wanted to survive something like this and fight back and win so i can violently and slowly kill him as police drive to the scene. Once the cops are on the way and if i win the fight and have the person wounded or on the ground he would die in such a gruesome way unless the cops showed up before i could finish. And then when they ask did i really need to curb stomp him repeatedly i'd just point to the shotgun and my family and no way id get id be charged with anything. And all the anger and violence a person builds during life i would have been able to exert it on a person that deserves it.
byah160 14 kun oldin
What a dumbass. You don’t attack Florida man. Florida man attacks you.
DJSAL 14 kun oldin
If this was in California , the criminals would only spend 8 hours and jail and then left go with a fine. It's California's new justice system where there is no bail system along with catch & release program.
RD 14 kun oldin
Would have been easier with a gun, but I guess it worked out with the machete. The intruder with the shotgun could have easily put him down point blank
Dale Nelson
Dale Nelson 14 kun oldin
There was another man in the yard??
Lisa B
Lisa B 14 kun oldin
Good hope they rot in jail
9latinum Studioz
9latinum Studioz 14 kun oldin
That was dumb.
Cat Nip
Cat Nip 14 kun oldin
Gone are the days when you could sit in your back yard at peace.
Andy 14 kun oldin
Play stoopid games win stoopid prizes.
Jasmine Anastasia
Jasmine Anastasia 14 kun oldin
For some reason, I thought it said hornets instead of intruders. I was like “wow, he’s really throwing hands at those things”
Zach F
Zach F 14 kun oldin
He’s lucky they were robbers, not murderers. Because if they wanted him dead, he’d be dead.
Vi Ursa
Vi Ursa 14 kun oldin
1:10 that blade was too close
Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone 14 kun oldin
If the moron with the shotgun had a functioning shotgun the home owner would be dead and you wouldn't be showing this video. 9 times out of 10 except for this moron the gun would be in functioning working order and the "smart " home owner would simply be dead.
amazing sports cards
First time ive seen a knife fight win aginst a gun fight wow
Sumeet Haldankar
Sumeet Haldankar 14 kun oldin
Home owner brings a giant knife to a gunfight and wins 😄
dirt mcgirt
dirt mcgirt 14 kun oldin
If this happened in a democratic state the homeowner wouldve been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.
Faith jones
Faith jones 14 kun oldin
the man w the machete was puerto rican i know it lol
Alex Rain
Alex Rain 14 kun oldin
Homeowner got lucky. Bravery is not ignorance.
Barry De Fish
Barry De Fish 14 kun oldin
If he names the 4th suspect will he get time off his 20 years?
AKirshawn 14 kun oldin
These guys were expecting to catch this family by surprise, peacefully sleeping at 4am
Dan S
Dan S 14 kun oldin
He literally brought a knife to a gun fight 🤣🤣🤣
Gray Ghost Outdoors
Gray Ghost Outdoors 14 kun oldin
Dude so chill, still has his cigarette in his mouth...
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