Man Found Guilty of Murdering His Mistress & Son | Court Cam Presents Under Oath | A&E 

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A&E 13 kun oldin
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Irenekane001 Kane
Irenekane001 Kane 3 kun oldin
Eric Carr
Eric Carr 12 kun oldin
CurlyHeadKen 12 kun oldin
“i'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ...
DeeDee Dailey
DeeDee Dailey 6 soat oldin
misstina hamilton
misstina hamilton 7 soat oldin
His wife is also complicit -that man is an evil womanizing demon and she knows it !
Toni Wright
Toni Wright 8 soat oldin
So the jury convicted him because he got angry on the stand? Everyone gets angry. There was a man admitting that He did the hit not Henry. I really hope they bring the true killer to justice if Henry really didn’t go it.
M S 8 soat oldin
What kind of demons this creature
Sweet Pops
Sweet Pops 9 soat oldin
His lawyer really tried to use the race card in the court of law. Come on!
Jim Eagle
Jim Eagle 10 soat oldin
Seeing her poor hand like that made it hit. Soul shaking.
Krisha Close
Krisha Close 10 soat oldin
7-27-2021 ....
notmyproblem yeah
notmyproblem yeah 13 soat oldin
Y’all all stupid this sound like a set up this man didn’t kill these people
JaCal 15 soat oldin
Free Henry Segura. Innocent!
Lisa Dupree
Lisa Dupree 15 soat oldin
The lawyer couldn’t even look at the camera with his lies.
Emily K
Emily K 22 soat oldin
There are a lot of cases of institutional racism… this isn’t one of them
Cheri Collier
Cheri Collier 23 soat oldin
If you have an issue with institutionalized racism take it up with the founders. No one but him and his lawyer came up with this defense as well as the cartel story. Save the racist comments. Stop trying to connect this with unequal sentencing; wrongful convictions; planted evidence; excessivefines and arrests to make profits; etc....that exist.
AJ Kun oldin
Wow he really thought he was looking good in those mirror selfies, didn't he?
Sharon Letchford
Well, of she kept taunting him saying the child wasn't his & then demanding child suport she was asking for it. Not that anyone deserves to die. As for her being involved eith drugs well. Tough, your in that game you take those risks.
Brenda F
Brenda F Kun oldin
😱Asking for it!?! What does that even mean 😳.
uMADden Kun oldin
Yeah he did it, the part he said that “check my phone” trying to get an alibi locked but they too smart for that, you think your burner phone wasn’t there..
Kyle W.
Kyle W. Kun oldin
But it wasnt a white doctor so wtf are we even talking about
QueenCoCoaMocha Kun oldin
That jury member reading the verdict of guilty was literally music. He was singing it 😂
Tianna B
Tianna B Kun oldin
The crime scene photos....omg. That woman was fighting for her life. Those kids...... that is an evil being. 💔
Patricia Folks
Patricia Folks Kun oldin
The only person he has to blame is himself - I think he'd have been acquired but for that few seconds his 'true' personality came out.
Egyptian princess
I would never show my emotions if u kill my child. R u crazy .. Y would I let u see👀👀 how I really feel. Well I will never do tht. F all u who wait 2 👀👀 the pain of ppl who hurt🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔫🔫🔫🔫
Egyptian princess
Bloody Mess😞😞😣😪😥😳😳😳😳😳😯😯😯😯😯 Get eEmmmmm Karma 🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😯😯😯😯
Egyptian princess
It was an execution🔫🔫🔫🔫😪😪😪😪😪
summer dowlig
summer dowlig Kun oldin
I bet women will still write to him in prison.
Lesly Ridore
Lesly Ridore Kun oldin
IDK but it sounds like he did. Why kill the kids bruh???
Mika Chan
Mika Chan Kun oldin
I have grown to understand that a vast majority of humans are no good. Have no expectations except for yourself. This man is a psychopath.
_''The Therapist'_
case wasn't as slam dunk too many circumstantials, however i do believe muhfuckka guilty. pretty sure he'll be asking for a re-trial
Bernedette Kuteyi
Why have an affair if you didn't want a child produced?
sox Kun oldin
The guy said "because of the institutional racism in this country more of these are black males". Yea sure OK.
Patricia Deanes
Patricia Deanes Kun oldin
Evil for sure!!! No doubt lead by the devil!!!
L T Kun oldin
Marie Andrews
Marie Andrews Kun oldin
how many times have we seen '"everything add up" just to find out how many years after incarceration that they are COMPLETELY INNOCENT!!
Kaitlin Ski
Kaitlin Ski Kun oldin
Men are absolutely supposed to cry!!! It shows you have a heart! ❤
rpminc 12
rpminc 12 Kun oldin
"Institutional racism" SHUT UP !!!!!!!
Men not supposed to cry😂😂😂😂yea aiight
Debbie Marlene Burnett
Joe biden's kind of news
Debbie Marlene Burnett
And this is what the government wants to shoving people's faces and then we'll let him walk free
Debbie Marlene Burnett
Systemic government racism
Joy Austin
Joy Austin Kun oldin
Was he bruised or scratched? If she had broken fingers her attacker would be injured.
510 Ralph Wigum
510 Ralph Wigum 2 kun oldin
Out of touch lawyer. @5:55
Morgan Knight
Morgan Knight 2 kun oldin
RIP to those sweet babies and their mother. ❤❤❤
Stephanie Miller
Stephanie Miller 2 kun oldin
The sad part about it the young man is telling the truth he didn't do it but that demon inside of him most certainly did usually that devil leaves by the time the trial comes because it don't want to spend this time in jail little go on to possess another body and he'll be left with the memories of what he's done but I'm not sure if he will want to live after this
MD squad life
MD squad life 2 kun oldin
He looks like 3 different men! He looks different in the picture, in court and on mug shot! He’s sorry they will have fun w him in prison for killing kids and a mother smh man so sick
The "systematic racism" is a lie, namely when dealing with child support. The courts could care less about any color except the green money they are stealing from their victims. It's a RICO scheme. They are all getting a cut. The judges, the attorneys, etc. It's a little known and illegal arrangement between the SSA IV-D program and the local courts.
Speed 2 kun oldin
Institutional Racism is a bunch of Bull-Dinky.
K _
K _ 2 kun oldin
I don't know what disturbs me more- the thought of the kids seeing their mommy murdered or the thought of her seeing her babies murdered.
Radiant Siren
Radiant Siren 2 kun oldin
He was responsible for shooting Brandi and Tamiyah Peters, one of her twin daughters, and drowning her other daughter, Taniyah, and 3-year-old son JaVonte Segura, in a partially-filled bathtub.
Roach Fairy Reloaded
He killed the kids because the older girls couldve identified him. And he would've ben responsible for paying for the son.
Roach Fairy Reloaded
Hitmen don't kill innocent children. Stop it. I'm African American & I say his Black a$$ is guilty!
Buby Vargas
Buby Vargas 2 kun oldin
Imaging sleeping with a married man thinking it’s okay 👌 and he will love you because he goes to you when home isn’t a happy place and then putting children in the mixed 😮‍💨 she put her children in danger by allowing this man in her life because instead of walking away she chose to be his side chick and now her children will never get to live their life because of the parents choices and then his other children will have to know not only did their father disrespected their mom but killed four people who one is their blood
Shantele Russell
Shantele Russell 2 kun oldin
Carter Allen
Carter Allen 2 kun oldin
He needed 4 life sentences
Imani Mi
Imani Mi 2 kun oldin
Just cold as Ice! I see he cut that perm for court lolll
Jay Chanchez
Jay Chanchez 2 kun oldin
Case like that you must chill when answering the Judge ,,, WHOOPS THERE IT IS
Atlantasmokesexoticz_ase Stoney_stay_woke_sos
Unbelievable this person is a true piece of work! A piece of 💩 actually I can’t believe this
Prins Charles
Prins Charles 2 kun oldin
Ricko Music Group
Ricko Music Group 2 kun oldin
There's nothing linking this man to the crime seen tho🤷🏽‍♂️I gotta get out this country 🤦🏽‍♂️
Lynette 3 kun oldin
@10:55 Ahhh...just a matter of time before the mask would slip! And this judge is not even a WOMAN....imagine the judge was a woman, the anger would have been dialed UP!!
lynettesmp 3 kun oldin
It's funny that Brandy had broken nails and fingers but there are no marks on him...hmmmm..work not complete -
Nancy Samuelson
Nancy Samuelson 3 kun oldin
Why do my fellow single mothers always have to bring a MAN to get in between them and their children? If Brandi left men alone, and decided to concentrate her life on raising her two twin daughters, all three of them would still be alive today! Once you decide to be a mom, that should be your priority and concentration! 3 innocent lives lost over a MAN!!
Lucia Seacreature
Lucia Seacreature 3 kun oldin
some women do not know their value... to fight over this toad was so wrong... he is not only a toad but a monster how anyone can kill let alone kill innocents is a true monster.
Patricia Armstrong
Patricia Armstrong 3 kun oldin
Did you check his wife’s alibi
The should have done a dna on the boy...he sure doesnt look like either one of the parents.
Bobby Wilson
Bobby Wilson 3 kun oldin
When you walk down that street .The lane always become ugly. Rip to all lost but never forgotten
Amazing !
Amazing ! 3 kun oldin
The finger of the baby omg😪😔😭😭😭😭😭 that's evil
Van Hughes
Van Hughes 3 kun oldin
Segura was arrogant and immature but there wasn’t nearly enough evidence based on this to come to that judgement.
Van Hughes
Van Hughes 3 kun oldin
He looks like a confused person by his many pictures.
Van Hughes
Van Hughes 3 kun oldin
Julian Chapman
Julian Chapman 3 kun oldin
Soooooo don't use *67 it's not hiddin
Nippie R.H.
Nippie R.H. 3 kun oldin
Omgsh what a monster! I’d like to see the whole trial. I’m glad this guy is behind bars. I wonder why he didn’t receive the LI!!
J4M3Sx615x 3 kun oldin
institutional racism does exist but it does not cause a black man to owe 20k in child support
froggity Lumpus
froggity Lumpus 3 kun oldin
I cant with these kids names man, I cant lmao...
Kim More
Kim More 3 kun oldin
He talking about men not supposed to cry. Foh a real man cry
Jay Nix
Jay Nix 3 kun oldin
I hope she has family or friends where he serves his time and well you know 😉
savage life
savage life 3 kun oldin
Rest in peace!! ✝️❤️🙏
Mo Qani
Mo Qani 4 kun oldin
Some people are so evil
priscamolotsi 4 kun oldin
That’s an ice-cold man! Killing a woman and three children like that! He should have gotten the electric chair!
LUVLE LEO 4 kun oldin
TheSunriseChick 4 kun oldin
Notice he’s changed up his style. He didn’t even cry when he’s told his 3 yr old baby boy is dead. He was a liar and a cheated.
Masha Kalinkina
Masha Kalinkina 4 kun oldin
There should be training for pre-parents. Raise your kids to have healthy self-esteem so theyre less vulnerable to predators like this piece of garbage. Its eerie how much alike the wife & gf look. :/
Jesse Bradshaw
Jesse Bradshaw 4 kun oldin
They got the right killer
Jesse Bradshaw
Jesse Bradshaw 4 kun oldin
Why women pick Bad men to have kids with ??? And they can’t be fathers at all
The Franchize
The Franchize 4 kun oldin
Carel wouldnt have left that type of crime scene. There would be no house in that degree of disarray or extensive defensive wounds. She wouldn’t be able to fight back like that against paid, experienced killers. This was a personal killing by an armature. (Such as a lover)
Carlos Cuellar
Carlos Cuellar 4 kun oldin
I don’t care how much of a man I am, if i get told my son had passed I wouldn’t know how to control myself from crying that’s just something I don’t even like thinking about
Amazing !
Amazing ! 3 kun oldin
Exactly! My husband had to cry when our son turned 2 last week imagine...
Lareese Blaque
Lareese Blaque 4 kun oldin
A real true 😈 demonic.
Ryllee 4 kun oldin
Lmao no sympathy for the "victim" when she acted the way she did. Too bad the children had to get involved tho
MrMakemusicmike 4 kun oldin
That's not his son
GLaDOS 4 kun oldin
Ain't no racism baby. That's the opposite gender using children as a weapon because the court allows you behavior and encourages it.
Tanesha Bryant
Tanesha Bryant 4 kun oldin
Henry did not do this
YD Schools
YD Schools 4 kun oldin
Smiley Merry Mertie B. The Happiness Channel
It is sad. You have to try to live a moral life. The price you pay to lie and cheat is high. Those kids were a causality in an adult game.
Jan J
Jan J 4 kun oldin
I agree.
Momma2thewilds 4 kun oldin
It sounded like she fought tooth and nail for her kids lives and hers. So sad. What a horrible person. How did he not have a single mark on him? Did he hire people?
Jan J
Jan J 4 kun oldin
Good question someone else here posed.. This case is disturbing!
Manbha Langchang
Manbha Langchang 5 kun oldin
Or maybe he hired a hit man giving the key of the door etc .
Manbha Langchang
Manbha Langchang 5 kun oldin
One question how did that person got in . And if she let that person get it must be the person that she knew because no broken door etc
Erin W
Erin W 5 kun oldin
So if the guy was found not guilty would it have still been racism because it was a woman of colour who was murdered ?? Saying it as racist makes NO sense.
j 5 kun oldin
That defense attorney is over-compensating….I mean look at his “office” background.
Alex Vranich
Alex Vranich 2 kun oldin
@Sire Romen literally
Sire Romen
Sire Romen 2 kun oldin
“Because of institutional racism, and also taking into account that he’s black, this brutal killer should be set free!” -Defense Team
Introverted Black Girl
As soon as they start describing how they were killed...He did it; then to think He's so Smart deleting text ETC. His Lawyer sounds crazy it's not racism; it's EVIL. May Brandi and those Beautiful Children R.I.P. 🤎
TailorGroom. com
TailorGroom. com 5 kun oldin
Henry Segura was wrongly convicted the characterization of the real him being revealed during his exchange with the judge is beyond ridiculous
Quade Open your mind
Racizm did it ,Right!!!
True Scotsman
True Scotsman 5 kun oldin
taking care of your kid is "systemic racism". got it.
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