Hoarders: Man Moves Cross-Country For Love, Finds Hoard (S7) | A&E 

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f u dave
f u dave 6 soat oldin
Did she have pizza in the bathroom
Hairy Mcsnatch
Hairy Mcsnatch 10 soat oldin
5:46 on the ground
Shell Bell
Shell Bell Kun oldin
Yes, she had a bad hording issue and yes a lot of deep rooted emotional and mental issues, but that boyfriend seems like he was waiting on a mansion to be revealed so he could live off of her just like he was living off the "people" they were "staying" with "temporarily" ...Yes she had issues but it yet was not a caring man like he claimed...he shouldn't have seemed so ready for the house to be a mansion or whatever. He thought that show was gonna make him a mansion...
Tamiko B
Tamiko B Kun oldin
Run, Vernon. Run 🏃‍♂️💨
Halie Bugg
Halie Bugg 2 kun oldin
Wait so what happened from here
Random Trinidadian
Random Trinidadian 2 kun oldin
And this is why you never move cross country for a woman. Love can make a person do stupid things. At least Vernon said no to her mess
Mj ventura
Mj ventura 4 kun oldin
For demolition!
Клавдия Кузьмина
Mustang09Hotty 7 kun oldin
Who else is watching hoarders to get motivated to clean their own house. Like as in not daily cleaning but I started using bleach water and wiping everything down!
34stzoo 7 kun oldin
They did a great job clean out the house so it can be torn down!
Amazing Seniors
Amazing Seniors 8 kun oldin
Im happy to read that a man cant get out of his mind the woman she loves. I was excited after 50 yrs a guy i liked contacted me after finding Im still alive.. I was still on his mind. I love it. Sad that he died without telling me I cant get you out of my mind. That would be lovely to hear.
fr 950
fr 950 8 kun oldin
Trailers are meant to be disposable anyways.
Chrissie Brosko-Carroll
I know these are short episodes but it drives me crazy when they don’t do the final credit to explain what happened afterwards!! Ugh!!
Lori Quintana
Lori Quintana 9 kun oldin
What about the boyfriend? Why doesn't he get them a place to live....freeloader.
Molly Davis
Molly Davis 10 kun oldin
Sadly this is the same design as my mom's house. And it's actually in BETTER shape than my mom's place. And my mom and stepdad still live in the hoard. Somehow they refuse to see how bad it is. The hoarders really don't understand the impact it has on any of the family members. I have nightmares that a fire will start and my mom won't be able to get out.
Gods Tenor
Gods Tenor 10 kun oldin
So how to you pay your taxes
john taylor
john taylor 10 kun oldin
No ending ???? What a let down !!!
kjersti stenstad
kjersti stenstad 10 kun oldin
So obese and she hasent been in her kitchen for years??
Sweet Pops
Sweet Pops 11 kun oldin
Depression is the absolute worst.
Trisha 11 kun oldin
What is it with the thrift store and hoarding?? People don’t donate just for you to make it junk🤦‍♀️
Melissa Malcomesius
Melissa Malcomesius 11 kun oldin
😱 this is giving me anxiety, I think I’ll probably lull myself if I’m in that house for more than a couple hours. When I see things out of place I freak out and I can’t sleep or function if things are organized in a certain way.
Mariannie Bo’bannie
Always love Dorothy’s attitude. She’s always positive about what can be done.
Cindy Brannen
Cindy Brannen 11 kun oldin
Vernon should run for the hills. This is disgusting.
Latricia Collins
Latricia Collins 11 kun oldin
There's much more to mom then what we see in this hour show something happened to mom years ago we don't know
Hannah Zen
Hannah Zen 12 kun oldin
This is one of the saddest horders I’ve watched 😢😭💕🇦🇺
Tupat Shakurtis
Tupat Shakurtis 12 kun oldin
Winter Haven woohoo Polk co reppin!
FlixCreEightR 12 kun oldin
The house itself. Needs to be burned down.
FlixCreEightR 12 kun oldin
Anyone who lives like that is pure trash!
Boss Molecule
Boss Molecule 12 kun oldin
Boss Molecule
Boss Molecule 12 kun oldin
Y'all need ten second videos, I don't want to want to look at this. I do however want to comment. Seek help and not illness manifest. You're overwhelmed and angry, that's unreasonable. Institution.
turntimetable 12 kun oldin
It didn't take her a lot of courage. It took tremendous fear of losing that guy to force the change.
Ceira Deniise'
Ceira Deniise' 12 kun oldin
Well I'm glad they got it cleaned out.
Special K
Special K 12 kun oldin
I bet the boyfriend feels bad hearing the son say the other guy cares about her a d love her at least he had a home to offer him not like her freeloader boyfriend
Special K
Special K 12 kun oldin
A grown man without his own place I thought he had no teeth
Hagen Nottingham
Hagen Nottingham 12 kun oldin
I can see how much being raised in that filth has impacted on Michael. Making a kid live in that and she's clearly messed with his head... She should be charged with historical child abuse
Lou Ann
Lou Ann 12 kun oldin
Isn't there any newer Hoarder & full program??
Ms Opinionated
Ms Opinionated 12 kun oldin
Wow no she didn’t say that 😡
Cynth G
Cynth G 12 kun oldin
What a wonderful son he really does love his mother
Celia Brown
Celia Brown 12 kun oldin
You go boy, tell her!
hayley harbaugh
hayley harbaugh 12 kun oldin
Michael looks and sounds so much like my brother that passed 9 years ago it made me cry
babywrapper 12 kun oldin
Mom doesn’t even look at her son when he loses it!!! And then he still holds her & reassures her❤️ My god, her poor son deserves support. How terrible it must be to love a parent who won’t help herself💔
Linda Burton
Linda Burton 12 kun oldin
She let herself down. Stop blaming others.
Shonny Hines
Shonny Hines 12 kun oldin
Mental health is a struggle. Her struggle is real!!
Nadine Miller
Nadine Miller 12 kun oldin
At least she owns a house I'm 46 and lost everything to critical illness...then again I have never hoarded a moment in my life!
Beach Town Girl
Beach Town Girl 12 kun oldin
You’re not alone. Same thing happened in my 40s. By 58, I had built my life and finances back up. When you are healthy, you can do a lot to make a come back. Good luck to you sweetie!💝
Lynette Dundon
Lynette Dundon 12 kun oldin
She let her son and herself down. Hoarders are some of the most selfish people in the world. So what happened with the mobile home? Was it condemned?
Lynette Dundon
Lynette Dundon Kun oldin
@Noah Ellis true.
Noah Ellis
Noah Ellis 12 kun oldin
I'm sure it was. A brand new 3 and 4 bedroom sectional home like hers runs from 60 to 75 thousand dollars and for anyone to spend a minimum of 50 thousand on a sectional not worth more than a few thousand in good shape, would be wasting time and money.
D.T. Garcia
D.T. Garcia 12 kun oldin
She is so lucky that Michael is such a good and gentle man. He deserves better. But so does everyone living with hoarding, the hoarder included.
Eva Savonith
Eva Savonith 12 kun oldin
Well, this new (old) Couple could build their new Home together now? Better to empty it now from all that old Stuff, and find out the Home needs a MakeOver, than to die in this Place because of an Accident or sth? The Son don't have to be mad at her because she needed a new Partner to decide that. It was the right Time now to leave the old Structure! Good that he knows, he don't have to live like this any further. I wish them all the Best for a wonderful new Start. And Happiness, this is most important. And no need for her to be afraid from the Future, she survived this Chaos, it can just become better! ❤❤❤
elsa blue
elsa blue 12 kun oldin
What a loving family. Very heartwarming to see and her fiancee ready to stay by her. Coral is a very blessed woman with a treatable problem. You are brave God bless all.
Erica Carter
Erica Carter 12 kun oldin
I feel like Ernest saying, "What up, Vern?"
Heather Wolmarans
Heather Wolmarans 12 kun oldin
Her "crying" is exactly what my mother does, and my mother is a master-manipulator, a narcissist. Her "emotions" are learned, brought out for effect, not real at all.
G Kab
G Kab 13 kun oldin
This is how long every episode should last. If you take away the million commercials we have to sit through.
Kam Edwards
Kam Edwards 13 kun oldin
'Collective Soul', if they get rid of the things they have acquired, they lose a part of their soul..... I have dealt with crazy people before.... The ones I met, were always 'Religious', "Battling the Devil"..... The Devil is a great guy... Not a fan of Jesus... or any other Biblical Character... So she is in Heaven, leave her be......
Susan  Demetry
Susan Demetry 13 kun oldin
Why people waste their time cleaning up someone else's mess when they were too lazy to do it themselves is beyond me.
Annony Missy
Annony Missy 9 kun oldin
I agree.
Sanoliver317 11 kun oldin
I totally agree. I understand addiction bc I’m a recovering opiate addict but I cannot wrap my head around a hoarder. It’s just a lazy selfish person to me. We have collectors and then you have a lazy, selfish, smelly person.
babywrapper 12 kun oldin
They get paid Or they care Or maybe some of both.
natasha leduc
natasha leduc 13 kun oldin
I like how they tell her 50k in work but if they did little work in each room a little at a time they could get repairs done in over 3 years an learning how fix some problems them self they could save even more . Takes at less 50k rebuild that place brand new with out paying a contractor . Maybe trying relax an take everything step by step with all fixing needed done . An some times going to places like habitat for humanity can reduce cost in product. It's called shopping around for amazing deals . An some guys need work would do a job to help people our that have small amounts of disposable incomes some workers would do work for half of that a contractor cost cause they do the job in 3 days an not 5 weeks that's difference between horrible contactors an real men working for a hard dollar . Be careful in this world . Nothing is all ways what u expect .
Kyle Moser
Kyle Moser 13 kun oldin
Hate when people try to make something about their selves she needed help and you guys just didn't know how to give it to her
Ashley Gilliland
Ashley Gilliland 13 kun oldin
“Everyone has let me down.” No, you let your son down.
Kat Bar
Kat Bar 4 kun oldin
Exactly- I can't believe someone would say that. She brought it on herself. It never ceases to amaze me how many people that get featured on this show have College Degrees.... and they end up like this!
fr 950
fr 950 8 kun oldin
That's how most people with serious problems act.
James Roberts
James Roberts 13 kun oldin
That's the sad truth oftentimes hoarding leads to damaging the house
Mike Reynolds
Mike Reynolds 13 kun oldin
By the size of you it's hard to believe you ain't been in the kitchen for year's 😂😂😂
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 13 kun oldin
Wow what a good man to stay with her and help her get better. Her son is a good man too. He could have given up on his mom long ago. Michaels father isn't in the picture. Wonder what happened there? Something obviously happened with that situation
Aurora Jay
Aurora Jay 13 kun oldin
Its so inspiring to me that Michael came from a home like that and still became a loving, caring, passionate and morally correct man. I pray God blesses them with more miracles.
Tiffany Allen
Tiffany Allen 13 kun oldin
Why they can't move into his house
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 13 kun oldin
What happened?
65 CJ5
65 CJ5 13 kun oldin
So selfish and lazy, but you would think with the Boyfriend could stop the leaks and fix it up enough to live in.
UnfinishedRiot 13 kun oldin
Lol, I'm not excusing her but it seems like the Guy wanted a free ride in a old flame and was super disappointed she was a hoarder
Connor Bustrum
Connor Bustrum 7 kun oldin
he literally looks green. or like some weird shade of teal.
Yulia Orme
Yulia Orme 10 kun oldin
That's exactly what I thought! How about his place 🤔?
Special K
Special K 12 kun oldin
Exactly he has nothing
Jared MaherLucan Maher
It's great to see an episode where the hoarder accepts the help on offer and lets them throw out the garbage. It's really frustrating when they spend 2 hours fighting to keep an 18 year old newspaper and nothing is achieved
The Bedridden Artist
Like the episode where the woman wouldn’t even throw away a small stone? I wanted to shake her.
Sue Robinson
Sue Robinson 13 kun oldin
So what happens next?
Big B
Big B 14 kun oldin
Heart breaking for the son. He is a bigger person then me.
Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins 14 kun oldin
Your son Michael knows what to do. I have no watch the full video of yet but I can tell he knows. And since looking for closer. Your son is not going anywhere. He will always be your son! GL with the problem Be careful because I will never leave you.
Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins 14 kun oldin
You have a good son Is looking out for you After 20t+ He knows the right decisions! Obviously you did a great Job!
Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins 14 kun oldin
Just just ask her is Health more important than collecting stuff/trash Got mold Not safe Get a storage unit until you realize the s*** is useless
Martin S.
Martin S. 14 kun oldin
curious cath
curious cath 14 kun oldin
Hope everyone is doing ok
G 14 kun oldin
Vernon seems like a cool dude
tyna faddy
tyna faddy 14 kun oldin
Case Chow
Case Chow 14 kun oldin
Dorothy puts her heart and soul into these and I love her so.
Des772 14 kun oldin
Should have just set it all on fire 🔥
johnny feathers
johnny feathers 14 kun oldin
He should dump her then see how crazy that house gets the second round…
Gisele •
Gisele • 13 kun oldin
This is a pretty sad comment tbh.
Michelle S.
Michelle S. 14 kun oldin
Anyone know what happened to her?
Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton 14 kun oldin
"Professional Organising Expert" 🤣
Christine Butler
Christine Butler 14 kun oldin
So, condemn the house and go live on the street. She's been living like a bag lady in the house, she can be a bag lady with no house.
Michelle Stella
Michelle Stella 14 kun oldin
Michael is a great guy!
Patriotic Justice
Patriotic Justice 14 kun oldin
"Everybody has let me down!" I am so sick of people who are clearly in the wrong trying to make themselves out to be victims and saying it's everyone else's fault.
Sophia Joyce Ferry
Sophia Joyce Ferry 8 kun oldin
@Lynda Carter There's no excuse to allow yourself to live in a filthy dirty rodent infested home. And to have your children live in it. No reason or excuse!
JoJo Bean
JoJo Bean 8 kun oldin
@Lynda Carter on the full episode they usually tell you why that person hoards, but I have to say it is still the hoarders fault for the hoard.
Lynda Carter
Lynda Carter 12 kun oldin
You have no idea what happened to her in her life that turned her to hoarding to cope. That’s what they’re leaving out, the backstories…
Timothy Dolman
Timothy Dolman 13 kun oldin
I feel that so much.
V Llly
V Llly 14 kun oldin
Omg this son is gold❤️‍🔥
ThePetaLand 14 kun oldin
Young love is DUUUUUUUUUMB
Clyde Wood
Clyde Wood 14 kun oldin
abutts02 14 kun oldin
She needs to see a psychiatrist for medication
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper 14 kun oldin
How could she even bring him to her place? What did she expect his reaction to be?
Whimsey6 13 kun oldin
It absolutely shows how distorted her thinking is. The physical trash may be gone, but the disease is still in Coral's mind.
Susan Osborne
Susan Osborne 13 kun oldin
No kidding,
Aundrea Carroll
Aundrea Carroll 14 kun oldin
She needs a makeover too!, to make her feel good for herself worth
withgoddess 14 kun oldin
Typical trailer trash
Catrina Hartz
Catrina Hartz 14 kun oldin
Yes she looks way older than 48.
Linda Bennett
Linda Bennett 14 kun oldin
What a good man!! 31 years later wow God bless him...
Tom Waters
Tom Waters 14 kun oldin
What a bait and switch. To the young men: learn to cook and clean for yourself. Also, build your body and wallet. At 30-40, leave the West for a wife.
Lynard Skynard
Lynard Skynard 14 kun oldin
Babsy14 13 kun oldin
Definitely! Love him!
Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards 14 kun oldin
Dorothy is my new hero. Because she hosts Hoarders marathons, I started going through my stuff. This afternoon my kids helped me take 9 tote bags of old paperback and hardcover books to Volunteers of America and it felt amazing!
Shannon Havisham
Shannon Havisham 13 kun oldin
@Elizabeth Edwards it was stuff I hadn't seen or touched. I knew if I went into every box I'd go crazy. I put keep stickers on a few boxes and watched a movie while they did the rest.
Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards 13 kun oldin
@Shannon Havisham A whole truck is an amazing job!!
BettyBoop Wolfe
BettyBoop Wolfe 13 kun oldin
@Shannon Havisham yassss
Shannon Havisham
Shannon Havisham 14 kun oldin
Good job! I got rid of stuff that fit one "got junk" truck. I know I struggle with hoarding because the house is feeling empty. I'm gonna paint bright colors and embrace the space.
BettyBoop Wolfe
BettyBoop Wolfe 14 kun oldin
I did 6bags today ! I helped a friend de-hoard her home last month. 4adults working HARD for 10hours to get it done. 5weeks later and her home is otw back to being the mess we cleaned . Things have to change within for anything to have lasting effects .
Damien Morrow
Damien Morrow 14 kun oldin
and the Oscar goes to..... Michael for "son who's mom failed him"
dark chocolate 🍫
dark chocolate 🍫 14 kun oldin
Random person: are you crying? Me: No it's just allergies
Rose Po
Rose Po 14 kun oldin
So where did he live before?
Ms Kay
Ms Kay 14 kun oldin
She should've been more honest but he has a great heart
elaine phleps
elaine phleps 14 kun oldin
A hoarder has too get therapy. Or it never ends. Him given her a hug is priceless!!. Family therapy please!!
Legend 28
Legend 28 14 kun oldin
Woman: lives like this Me: immmm gonna go take a bath 🛁
David Trottier
David Trottier 14 kun oldin
Professional victim with a degree in gender studies blaming everyone around her for her failures in life means she's qualified to work fast food or security!!
LillerThatIsMe 14 kun oldin
These comments ain’t it.
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