Great Dane Fights Off Intruder During Home Robbery | An Animal Saved My Life | A&E 

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A&E 6 kun oldin
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A B 6 kun oldin
U know that small dog came running up saying "yeah u better run. Your lucky Dane got to u before I did!"lol
Jacob Barr
Jacob Barr 6 kun oldin
The video is funny tho 😂
Dr. Mantis Toboggan
@Ms Starlight yeah they're gonna shut down A&E channel, sober up ya old bag.
Ms Starlight
Ms Starlight 6 kun oldin
Can you please do something about the channel 'captain again', they keep spamming your comment section with comments asking people to subscribe to their channel. If they get reported enough times, you could have your channel shut down by YT, because of excessive spam.
The Bastard Gift
The Bastard Gift 34 daqiqa oldin
When locking a door is not a priority the Mom's mindset was more of a danger to the family than the stranger.
john smith
john smith 6 soat oldin
He wasn't going for his head. He was going for his throat...good dog!
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 8 soat oldin
2021 Kun oldin
Congratulations to both Dogs The smaller one was biting his ankle and the bigger one his butt and face..lock your doors
Sassi Llama
Sassi Llama 2 kun oldin
Dubai immediately shifts into protection mode and Bites him in the rear end😂
I AM TRINITY 3 kun oldin
If I keep feeding my cat tuna fish he's going to get as big as that great dane lol....
ibby guy
ibby guy 3 kun oldin
"Bites the man in the rear end" LMFAO!!!
Tm Daze
Tm Daze 3 kun oldin
I’ve lived in OKC all my life and I’ve only once witnessed a crime. I don’t know where they are getting this high crime rate bs from. I think they got it mixed up with Tulsa because that’s where all the crime is.
Trish Moore
Trish Moore 3 kun oldin
Steak for the 2 hero's tonight. 😝
German Vanegas
German Vanegas 4 kun oldin
Amazing. The guarding protective instinct of most Great Danes has been bred out of them. But this one has defense drive, which is rare nowadays on this particular breed.
kevin36361 4 kun oldin
That's great
Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh 4 kun oldin
That’s not even the guy in the mugshot lol
American Made
American Made 4 kun oldin
Dogs are the best home defense. They're an alarm, a visual deterrent and a weapon in one.
Belufa 4 kun oldin
A mans worst fiend
Herman Gomez
Herman Gomez 4 kun oldin
Something like this happen to my neighbor but my neighbor breeds pitbulls and yeah that thief regretted his life right away
Suhay5 4 kun oldin
Dogs are some loyal and beautiful creatures, he wasn’t sure if that man was suppose to be there but when mom gave the signal that he was an intruder he went right in attack mode!! Dogs are something else. They can be the sweetest thing but if their human is in danger WATCH OUT!!!
PaperPanda420 4 kun oldin
I love watching dogs protect their owner. the bond that dogs have with their owners is amazing.
Bill Still
Bill Still 5 kun oldin
Mom, lock your front door!
Sunshine 5 kun oldin
I think that dog was faking being cool with him. The dog's posture was kind of stiff. I think he was also waiting for the owner to give him the green light because of how quickly he went for the intruder. He also seemed to keep circling the intruder and placed himself between the stranger and the owner just in case his hunch was right. She MIGHT be allowing people to come through that door unattended so the dog wasn't quite sure if he should just attack. Overall the dog did an outstanding job. The owner may want to stop letting people come through that door unattended if she has been doing so. And of course as the commentator said, keep her doors locked.
Grace D
Grace D 5 kun oldin
“..Captures a gentleman” you mean “thug? Stop using words you would use to describe people of character.. please! You discredit the term entirely and sound foolish. What an oxymoron statement.
I AM TRINITY 3 kun oldin
Dude you're going overboard with it calm down
Jason Halverson
Jason Halverson 5 kun oldin
good boy, extra scooby snacks for you!!
AloeKey 5 kun oldin
I might have let the dog chase him down til the cops came.🏃
BabyDoll 5 kun oldin
I saw the little ankle biter joining the fun too, but I dare say when Goliath there is taking a bite you wouldn’t worry about the mosquito nipping your heels lol
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 5 kun oldin
You can tell by the dog's body language that he was suspicious of the man but it wasn't until his owner screamed that he went into defense mode.
Sliver Crazy
Sliver Crazy 5 kun oldin
That dog deserves a stake dinner
Sami Motaghedi
Sami Motaghedi 5 kun oldin
how scary!!!
Thalia W
Thalia W 5 kun oldin
that guy got away so lucky!
David B
David B 5 kun oldin
Chihuahua be all gangster once mom closes the door.
BLUE MOON 5 kun oldin
My pitts are the same way. Thank goodness for our 4 legged children
Michelle Stella
Michelle Stella 5 kun oldin
The little one deserves some credit too
Sophia Azhiev
Sophia Azhiev 5 kun oldin
Bravo dogo, good boy 🐕😘👏🏽!
C Hardin
C Hardin 5 kun oldin
I like how the little dog was even in the mix🤣😭
Sorrow Song
Sorrow Song 5 kun oldin
He wouldn't have been able to pet my dog. My dog is trained to attack the genitals and would have ripped his nuts off.
IKON1R Free The Weed Krew
Good dog…….the love of an animal
Debbie Schultz
Debbie Schultz 5 kun oldin
No bonding there! This dog is a blessing to have. I hope the dog bit hard!
Chris Xavier
Chris Xavier 5 kun oldin
Great Dane's are known for being so gentle too
Cailena 5 kun oldin
A very well trained/behaved dog. He deserves all the pets.
Steve Ashcroft
Steve Ashcroft 5 kun oldin
Serves the guy right. Don't mess with a Great Dane!!
Mayank Malviya
Mayank Malviya 5 kun oldin
My Spitz is 9 kilos(~20 pounds). He will bite harder and quicker if he feels like someone is a threat, his target is usually the hands which are mostly unprotected and people use it as a shield when attacked to defend their faces. But he sometimes jumps as much as 5 feet high and can bite the face of some shorter intruder.
TheLegion2127 6 kun oldin
such a big and such a useless dog for protection
CakeArmy_Max Gaming
If they had a gun it would’ve prevented other people from being victims in the future.
mrbear1302 6 kun oldin
Surprised the chihuahua didn't bite his ankles!
Gabrielle as Dadoune Samson
A pittie would have torn his arm.
Storm G
Storm G 6 kun oldin
We had a male German shepherd growing up. Anyone could come in the house. Leaving again? Not a chance. Once, guy called police in himself. They got to house and our dog had him trapped on too of the kitchen table. My dad had to rush home to get our dog in order for everyone to get out if house.
Debi Jones
Debi Jones 6 kun oldin
DUBAI... you are the man of the house, wish I could have you in my home to protect me!
Mr.Conky 6 kun oldin
I think it's so funny when criminals think shaving all their hair will get them past the police, it just makes them look like concerned thumbs in the mugshots
Phobetor 6 kun oldin
Good doggy
Janese Caraway
Janese Caraway 6 kun oldin
Good dog!!
Andrew Beaudoin
Andrew Beaudoin 6 kun oldin
ROBERT WARD is now serving Probation after credit of time Served in Jail; not Prison. He's made his 2nd Appearance on TV from I Survived A CRIME.
Big Jay
Big Jay 6 kun oldin
Snouldve tore his fhroat out
Great Dane are nothing but big baby I lost my Dane he was 12 yr old he had throat cancer... Dane sometimes are very aggressive don't take it for granted though
Tania Lima
Tania Lima 6 kun oldin
Axlerod Horowitz
Axlerod Horowitz 6 kun oldin
Totally staged, dog wagging its tail.
Repo MANG 6 kun oldin
She stood by her dog, good owner
light bulb
light bulb 6 kun oldin
second degree burglary? lmao
project baby
project baby 6 kun oldin
first of all.. WHY IS YOUR DOOR UNLOCKED?.. secondly that wouldn't of been any of my dogs. He would of got f'd up only because my dogs not used to seeing other people like that. Especially in my house
Peetiebird 6 kun oldin
I spent many years of my life growing up around Great Danes; my mother bred brindles, but never once did I witness any of them behave aggressively, so this surprised me a little. However, they can be trained to defend and this dog's body language projected something quite the opposite of "bonding". He was well trained and I'm quite sure he was waiting to see if the woman knew him or not. Guess we know the answer to that now. Nice to have a big guardian angel around like that! 😅😅😅
Rugged Demeanor
Rugged Demeanor 6 kun oldin
The way he nonchalantly walks in as if he lives there.
Austin Watkins
Austin Watkins 6 kun oldin
See that dog is a gentle giant. He knows he’s big and can hurt people so he didn’t go too hard. If he was really ruled up though he could have really hurt that guy.
That Guy
That Guy 6 kun oldin
Imagine if he got some Face on that bite👀
Joseph Garza
Joseph Garza 6 kun oldin
Lets see a cat do that!
sandoe41 15 soat oldin
Once you feel 4 sets of claws sinking into your flesh (my cat did it to me when I teased her with a pet mouse), you will never mess with one again.
Veronica Zamora
Veronica Zamora 6 kun oldin
I have huskies and they protect my home
Dmitry ®️
Dmitry ®️ 6 kun oldin
God Bless this family 🙏 Glad that they're ok 👍 Very brave.
lindajackson618 6 kun oldin
Love love Great Danes. See how he instinctively went for the throat? The man was very lucky. Great Danes have much the same bite as pit bulls and don’t let go. I had Danes for many years and if I hadn’t been disabled and now old I’d still have them.
Kristen JustKristen
Yes! I noticed that also. I think he let the man in bc he knew his momma/owner was home so it could have been an invited guest, but as soon as he heard mom yell he was in protect mode. So amazing to see. Dogs are the best. We truly don't deserve them. Oh and we can't forget little pup! Lol he was doing his very best to back up big brother.
jbzhummerh2gamer 6 kun oldin
Who's a good boy, Dubai!
AriesGirl VirgoMoon
This is OLD.....
Paul Critchfield
Paul Critchfield 6 kun oldin
That's what meth do to ya. Good doggy , but next time go for throat! Clamp down and shake till red spills all over. Once dog don't then call police and take little spike out for a treat
Brian Cleveland
Brian Cleveland 6 kun oldin
Good Boy
Mands B
Mands B 6 kun oldin
rennie rad
rennie rad 6 kun oldin
Good boy! ❤
Nancy Torgie
Nancy Torgie 6 kun oldin
Good dog, saving his family. ❤️🐕
Judith Wilburn
Judith Wilburn 6 kun oldin
Good Boy!
AwesomeGamer102 x3
AwesomeGamer102 x3 6 kun oldin
That great dane could have caused so much more harm to the guy if it wanted to, but overall great dogs!
official Boss man
official Boss man 6 kun oldin
Granny needs to get a American bully
lullabies 6 kun oldin
A pit bull would probably ignore the robber and go for a toddler down the street.
Kristen JustKristen
Wrong. Please don't spread that false narrative. Pitbulls are just as loyal, smart, and protective as any other breed. The ones who have bitten or caused harm have been abused and raised to be that way. It's sad. Blame the person. NOT the dog!
IntrepidFraidyCat 6 kun oldin
GOOD BOY!!!!!!
sandyc6569 6 kun oldin
Robert Wren
Robert Wren 6 kun oldin
That dog was going for his neck to rip his throat out.
Dinxsy 6 kun oldin
Did the intruder have pig tails? hahaha
silver shamrock
silver shamrock 6 kun oldin
what a guard dog lol
Felicia Jenkins
Felicia Jenkins 6 kun oldin
That's what he gets chomped on by a horse dog🤣😂🤣good dog 🐶
Vasectomy Fail
Vasectomy Fail 6 kun oldin
Why does A&E refuse to talk about the 30-50 fatal maulings a year or millions of bites from dogs? Stop celebrating canines, they are filthy, spread disease and fatally attack kids and the elderly
Wolfhound 6 kun oldin
pupers looked a bit on the thin side
Steven May
Steven May 6 kun oldin
Had a dane like that he did the same thing with my wife ,tears!!!!!!!!!!
Migit 6 kun oldin
You have to be extra dumb to enter someone's home. You don't know if someone is there or if they have a gun. I never understood why people break into homes. It's a sure way to die forget getting locked up
Candee Millstead
Candee Millstead 6 kun oldin
Stupid burglar!
Tony Andretti
Tony Andretti 6 kun oldin
Dude look like victor zaz
Tami Ibrock
Tami Ibrock 6 kun oldin
She is one of the luckiest woman to have that dog in the house.
Jacob Barr
Jacob Barr 6 kun oldin
She's lucky that funny looking criminal didn't have any weapon
Jennifer Churchman
Jennifer Churchman 6 kun oldin
Take a bite out of crime thank you mcgruff
sherwood tidwell
sherwood tidwell 6 kun oldin
He walked in and open door and didn't touch anything..... Should be trust passing that most
Amy Swisher
Amy Swisher 6 kun oldin
Bj Smith
Bj Smith 6 kun oldin
The man has a look on his face like he's psycho and he even looks scary. Glad the dog took a bite out of his rear end and the dog lunge for his neck. The man was very lucky the dog did not get his neck.
Jimmie Evans
Jimmie Evans 6 kun oldin
Good one
R Vandy
R Vandy 6 kun oldin
I have three bull mastiffs. We don’t even lock our doors😎
Lorrie Rabbit
Lorrie Rabbit 6 kun oldin
You still should... For their protection as well as yours.
Thuan Ta
Thuan Ta 6 kun oldin
Thats a good boy
CnationMavs41 6 kun oldin
Lil dog: "YEA YOU BET NOT COME BACK! Cause ima give you the bark of your life!! That'll show ya!"
Trinilovely 4 kun oldin
CnationMavs41 6 kun oldin
@Kristen JustKristen 😂 the backup comes in many sizes
Kristen JustKristen
Lol finally someone else giving lil pup some credit. 😆 🤣 He was backup that day.
Trint K
Trint K 6 kun oldin
This is so old.
Thrasher 6 kun oldin
Are y’all really just now playing this? This video is like 2 years old lol.
Joie InkLovinGirl
Joie InkLovinGirl 6 kun oldin
Just now showed up in my feed… good to know you are up to date Thrasher for the rest of us let us watch it and be shocked. Also that dude looks like crazy bad news and crazy nuts 🥜 . Thankfully that dog was there
Lorrie Rabbit
Lorrie Rabbit 6 kun oldin
Still relevant
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 6 kun oldin
Loved this
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