Former MMA Fighter Working as Clerk Fights Back During Robbery | I Survived a Crime | A&E 

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A&E 8 kun oldin
Tune in to I Survived A Crime, Wednesdays at 10/9c on A&E, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at www.aetv.com/schedule
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ABUBAKAR G BASHIR 7 daqiqa oldin
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Jim Eagle
Jim Eagle 3 soat oldin
Never underestimate average to short height people. Centre of gravity.
lmurda2043 4 soat oldin
I love this
Asmae Paris TV
Asmae Paris TV 8 soat oldin
I'm moroccan, he must be a tunisian... so sweet and shy ... cute ! May Allah bless you
John B
John B 9 soat oldin
Favorite video this month.
Frederick Regler
Frederick Regler 10 soat oldin
In Baltimore he would have been sentenced to a week in jail.
fran15 11 soat oldin
Derek Davila
Derek Davila 12 soat oldin
Great job sir....great!!!
The Blue Hotel
The Blue Hotel 14 soat oldin
Bravo Ibrahim
Peter Ney
Peter Ney 14 soat oldin
He's not that brilliant or the attacker would not of got those punches in.
TJ Vincenzi
TJ Vincenzi 18 soat oldin
Always check the ears, if you see that cauliflower ear? He can fight
GetoverYourself 18 soat oldin
Lol. Perfect.
VRCMF Kun oldin
Look at the ears. They will tell you if you have a fighter on you’re hands
Mureed Nassif
Mureed Nassif Kun oldin
Wrong time & day to rob a store😁👍.
L8nitedave Kun oldin
Well he won that match, but I think he needs a belt for being a nice guy and a regular Joe.
Scott McIntyre
Scott McIntyre Kun oldin
Good to get another one off the street..his life didnt matter at all...get a job
Clint Westwood
Clint Westwood Kun oldin
The robber should have known better, the Cool clerk looks tough as nails to me.
Violence is usually the answer. Change my mind.
Pixelated Kun oldin
Hold on.... Hold on just one second... Where's the outrage over this guy putting pressure on this guy's neck? The guy passed out he could have died it's not a science knocking a guy out vs killing the guy. Oh wait he wasn't a white cop so in this case all's good.
Nelly Nell
Nelly Nell Kun oldin
That’s an anaconda choke, not a “sleeper” lol
welshpete12 Kun oldin
Never judge a book by it's cover , the same with people ! Good for you Ibrahim !
Starrfish Hill
Starrfish Hill 2 kun oldin
Ibrihaim is awesome!!!
John Roberts
John Roberts 2 kun oldin
If that had happened in the UK the robber would prosecute the shopkeeper for attacking him -and he could land in prison. That's the UK for you presently.
Richard Kalevicoglo
Spot on!
Jimmy Rugova
Jimmy Rugova 2 kun oldin
Great job
niznomore s
niznomore s 2 kun oldin
This time the good guy wins! Yeah Ibrahim.
d- mon
d- mon 2 kun oldin
Well done.
Bobbie Marsden
Bobbie Marsden 2 kun oldin
That was very cool👍
Joel Mogindol
Joel Mogindol 2 kun oldin
rusty Bend
rusty Bend 2 kun oldin
way to go! best wishes
Will k
Will k 2 kun oldin
Sick Willy
Sick Willy 2 kun oldin
Hahaha, Suprise!! You never know. Love it..
Mastermind 2 kun oldin
The first thing I noticed was the way he stepped over the counter like it was a coffee table.
Bob Henderson
Bob Henderson 2 kun oldin
Michael Lawlor
Michael Lawlor 2 kun oldin
He should of got 3 years for the attempted robbery, and 47 years for spilling the beer.
Andre M
Andre M 2 kun oldin
Why tf would anybody have their cash register like that??? Asking to be robbed man…
Scene Saucers
Scene Saucers 2 kun oldin
The mug shot of the punching bag is priceless..the look dude has is one of true shame.
AnthonyElsetinow 2 kun oldin
Soon as he got hit in the face, i bet he felt like, now you are in my world… good work brah!
John Simms
John Simms 2 kun oldin
Locking the perpetrator up will prevent more crimes.
Joseph Brunelle
Joseph Brunelle 2 kun oldin
great job Ibrahim! good luck in tour mma career. I hope to see u fighting in octagon soon.
olegreatone 2 kun oldin
Once he jumps across the counter I knew it was over
Nova Blue
Nova Blue 2 kun oldin
Good job!
James 2 kun oldin
Ground and Pound!
Adam Odeh
Adam Odeh 2 kun oldin
Proud of you Ebrahim you are brave
Mr Pink
Mr Pink 2 kun oldin
The crook only got 3 years..smh
mrbear143 2 kun oldin
That was awesome.
Dave 2 kun oldin
A sleeper hold? Jeez. How about actually understanding what these things are called. This isn't pro wrestling. Do your research. There's no such thing as a sleeper hold
J M 3 kun oldin
Respect : )
Elizabeth galipault
Wow you’re awesome who would’ve known so cool praise God
joseph Howell
joseph Howell 3 kun oldin
Good job we need more people like him ! The guy went to far when he put his hands on the clerk .
Carlos 3 kun oldin
That guy will have second thoughts about committing robbery again
yolanda 3 kun oldin
I couldn’t wait to see him jump that counter!!
Joe Rosales
Joe Rosales 3 kun oldin
Adriana Boga
Adriana Boga 3 kun oldin
Super cool guy! 😎😎👍👍😎😎
Robert Westerman
Robert Westerman 3 kun oldin
Where’s Steve Mazzagatti ?
mark scarboro
mark scarboro 3 kun oldin
If Obama had a son - Trumps fault - white priviledge
London Bags
London Bags 3 kun oldin
I love it. The thug robber punched him in the face. Little did he know he just entered ferocious 😂
Jim Cox
Jim Cox 3 kun oldin
A “sleeper hold”? Never heard it called that in any gym where I’ve trained.
nismo 1
nismo 1 3 kun oldin
i'm from the southern hemisphere it is called a sleeper hold, heard it that way for the last 30+ years
Dennis Sparks
Dennis Sparks 3 kun oldin
Robber’s wife: How was your day, honey. Robber:
Kade E
Kade E 3 kun oldin
“He puts him in a sleeper hold” 😂
nismo 1
nismo 1 3 kun oldin
haha that's the name of it haha very funny you ain't educated.
Bare Knuckles
Bare Knuckles 3 kun oldin
God bless this man for standing up to protect himself.
J Yu
J Yu 3 kun oldin
Sleeper hold? Front face lock.
JScott Paving
JScott Paving 3 kun oldin
Job application for store clerk: former MMA Fighter . Interviewer : your hired ! can you work nights and week ends
Steve Snellgrove
Steve Snellgrove 3 kun oldin
Masonic Airborne
Masonic Airborne 3 kun oldin
Karma is like a menu" you get what you ordered".
E R 3 kun oldin
We need more like this clerk all over the USA with these thugs going rampant in shenanigans! 👍
John H
John H 3 kun oldin
We don’t need crooked cop bullies. We need people like this guy. Real hero’s for their community
Mike T Scott
Mike T Scott 3 kun oldin
Well done! Praise be to God!
Vincent Tacraebnam
Vincent Tacraebnam 3 kun oldin
Sleeping beauty….😂 sweet dreams
Jessica _Jam
Jessica _Jam 3 kun oldin
Robber looked scared at .55 seconds in haha. Wasn’t expecting the cashier to jump over the counter
Deacon Pat
Deacon Pat 3 kun oldin
Why is it legal for everyone else to use the headlock but not the police who is voluntarily putting their lives on the line for others?
Sam 3 kun oldin
I understand that this fella has insomnia. Looks like Ibrahim sang him a 'lullaby' 😂😂😂
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas 3 kun oldin
Good job
Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague 3 kun oldin
Good for you sir!!...you gave him what he deserved!!...stealing is WRONG!
qian huang
qian huang 3 kun oldin
America need more people like that to stand up and fight back.
apache mimi
apache mimi 3 kun oldin
Took him.. forever..! ..stay amateur..!!
Yummy Cookie
Yummy Cookie 3 kun oldin
Ibrahim is dope
ChinaVirus 4 kun oldin
"I go harder as I can" Words to live by.
Thomas K
Thomas K 4 kun oldin
Dear Ferocious, Best Wishes! Great Job!
Joseph George
Joseph George 4 kun oldin
Thug got a surprise
wesley estill
wesley estill 4 kun oldin
Glad to see the thief taken down
indi grace
indi grace 4 kun oldin
It's not the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog!!...🇦🇺🤣
Zeebnork 4 kun oldin
Wonder if he got fired
Ant Sara
Ant Sara 4 kun oldin
atta boy!
Dana Jane
Dana Jane 4 kun oldin
He gets attacked, slugged in his face. Then says all that was going on in his head is that if fella needed money he should’ve just asked for the money. This man is a beautiful human. Bravo.
Jesmer Zonnenberg
Jesmer Zonnenberg 4 kun oldin
Just 3 years bro in the netherlands you unlucky if you get 4 weeks prison😅
Worth 4 kun oldin
It woulda been a lot easier if he would’ve pulled out a 357 mag and got rid of the robber for good.
Skylab14 4 kun oldin
Choke holds do work when used properly. ... Nice work Ebrahim.
Ana Scarlett
Ana Scarlett 4 kun oldin
I need to get back into Brazilian jujitsu
Luke McDonald
Luke McDonald 4 kun oldin
Hahahaha spot on mate
M3TALH3AD’70 4 kun oldin
That was awesome. Ibrahim is a true American!
Uncle Terry
Uncle Terry 4 kun oldin
If he put him to sleep, he could have just as easily finished the job. Fortunately for the attacker, he showed compassion.
Savage Audits
Savage Audits 4 kun oldin
Go home!
John Hauser
John Hauser 4 kun oldin
MMA and survival fighting are 2 different animals.
Maffasa Pantocrator
The all powerful SLEEPER HOLD lul
We are all God's Children Love from Canada
Loving it! 🤕🤕🤕🥊🥊🥊😂😂😂
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 4 kun oldin
Pay the man Dana
J B 4 kun oldin
He’s got a contagious smile
KS NoVember
KS NoVember 4 kun oldin
The very moment the mma fighter stepped over the cash register, it was over for the robber.
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