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A family of six makes a fuss about not getting seats on an oversold flight in this clip from Season 2, Episode 5, That's Entertainment (#23).

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In Airline, cameras follow the pilots, flight attendants and airport employees of Southwest Airlines, capturing passenger outbursts and heartwarming stories as well as the interactions among the crew and staff.

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17-Iyl, 2021



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A&E 11 kun oldin
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Bodoone Balona
Bodoone Balona 2 kun oldin
@OnePoundDoge huuhuuh
Bodoone Balona
Bodoone Balona 2 kun oldin
@John DeLucia uhhhuu
Bodoone Balona
Bodoone Balona 2 kun oldin
@OnePoundDoge hi. H
Bodoone Balona
Bodoone Balona 2 kun oldin
@OnePoundDoge hi.
Bodoone Balona
Bodoone Balona 2 kun oldin
@OnePoundDoge huh
Meat Free
Meat Free 23 daqiqa oldin
Six months ahead of time, and still no flight?.. That's rough.
Dropped Boez
Dropped Boez Soat oldin
$200 voucher? No wonder no one gave up their seats and everyone just laughed!
Gokul S
Gokul S 3 soat oldin
I'm sorry if I understood wrong. 1. Family books tickets >5 months advanced. 2. Company double sell the same seats assuming the pre-booked customer will cancel their tickets? (is this the over booking?). 3. Family arrives airport knowing they already reserved tickets. 4. Company prints/give tickets for the person who double paid(?), Not the family who booked months ago? So the company will always prioritise the person who bought the ticket double price?
The Wasatch Jackalope
Name any other service where you pay in advance and the when you show up the company says, “Oh we charged two people for the same service and you aren’t the one who got it, but we can rebook you”. Now imagine that service is very high priced *and* time sensitive. How do airlines get away with this?
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
If it's southwest... they could have paid a little bit more and gotten "early bird" boarding... and made sure they were on flight. You can check in from home/hotel 24 hours before flight if you paid for 'early bird'. They could also have gotten to airport earlier.... and checked in earlier without paying a dime more.
Cynthia Cler
Cynthia Cler 6 soat oldin
Southwest should have found another airline with 7 seats in FIRST CLASS to get them to their destination.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
Haaa. Find any airline willing to do that. And please reply if you find one.
wolf girl
wolf girl 8 soat oldin
Omg rich ppl.. Daddy help us.. Lmao
Roger Graham
Roger Graham 8 soat oldin
Here is a solution.. Dont OVERBOOK!
mmbr01rrf 9 soat oldin
Which airline is this ? The air line is at fault-they overbooked & they're supposed to be the victim ? Cr*p ! And yet they took billions in PPP ? They should suffer.
HonoluluTita 9 soat oldin
Shouldn’ they kick off the last bookings?
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
I'd have assumed so. But it's probably the last people who arrived at the airport and checked in. (excluding people who paid extra for "early bird" checkin).
Susan burch
Susan burch 10 soat oldin
They should have refunded the families tickets!
Leah grace Fecteau
Leah grace Fecteau 11 soat oldin
Well I’m sorry but I don’t blame them because they could of at least told them before I would be pretty frustrated too
hclvchef 12 soat oldin
And award for most dramatic pussbag goes to Darren and Karen
Cam Agnew
Cam Agnew 12 soat oldin
See the Dad wink…..its all good as long as he is accommodated. Selfish.
Arifeen Hassan
Arifeen Hassan 13 soat oldin
So the airline over book but it the customer fault because because the airline over book ..
Sheila Goos
Sheila Goos 14 soat oldin
Most flights are oversold and airlines pay compensation. We were bumped in Frankfurt for Dublin and got 250€ each. Paid for our meals.
Kathleen Luciani
Kathleen Luciani 14 soat oldin
I can't understand why Airlines are ALLOWED to over book and then deny people who booked early boarding. They lose no money in this scheme of theirs, even when the flyers fly HOURS after their flight and give them a run around and they have to fly hours out of their way and land late at night, often losing them an entire day of vacation!
C F 16 soat oldin
Real world problems for these is these ungrateful snobs!!!
Stanley Holder
Stanley Holder 16 soat oldin
What a horrible family of entitled brats. "Daddy? My little lawyer--".
Angela 16 soat oldin
3:52: "Daddy......" eyeroll - this family got bumped because they showed up last to the flight. The flight was oversold so they didn't get on. Period. Calling your Lawyer Daddy and demanding other passengers - who DID show up earlier - should get bumped is all proof of how entitled these people are. Gross.
Michael McDermott
Michael McDermott 17 soat oldin
we have wing seats available
Anthony 17 soat oldin
Airlines need to STOP overbooking flights!
Frank Alexander
Frank Alexander 17 soat oldin
Southworst Airlines Great company to work for the Most awful to use in the USA they should be proud to be the worst
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
Also faster boarding, because passengers don't logjam looking for "their" assigned seat.. there are no assigned seats.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
I fly southwest all the time. It's great for several reasons... you can pay a little extra and get pre-checked in (up to 24 hours in advance) with preferential boarding position. ... but everyone gets 2 checked in bags free (so less people using overhead bins... means faster boarding/unboarding).... and when you board you get choice of remaining seats (which means if you pay for early bird seating, you always get a good choice of seats).
Jonathan Webley
Jonathan Webley 18 soat oldin
Call the family lawyer DADDY lol what a joke of a family the kids looked like they didn't even want to go
Doctor Ed
Doctor Ed 18 soat oldin
Guy should have saved his vacation money and paid me to do breast augmentation on his wife's sagging txxs. Obviously she needs it.
Doctor Ed
Doctor Ed 18 soat oldin
Yes they have every right to be upset but don't be complete losers about the overbooking and badger front line workers.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown 20 soat oldin
Airlines over booking is WRONG and should be illegal. - the main airline employee was rude - it’s her employees fault 100%. As their representative - she is responsible. Airlines should’ve offered a ton of $$
Richard Brown
Richard Brown 20 soat oldin
The air lines employees did NOT go the extra mile for these customers. The family of 6 booked 5-6 months ago - the airlines screwed up -- disgusting that an airline over-books - DISGUSTING.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
And the last to show up for the flight. Last to try and "check in".
P S 21 soat oldin
No NO Nope, why would you sell the same seat twice. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. No logic in that. That is insanity.
Andreas Åkesson
Andreas Åkesson 22 soat oldin
How do fkn airlines think when they overbook a flight? I live in a country where the airlines know how to calculate and use the brain so that they are never overbooked. some managers at the airlines who let planes be overbooked are disturbed in their heads.
Bike the Trails
Bike the Trails 22 soat oldin
1:28 Looks like it's a family of gum chewers
Crillian Contour
Crillian Contour 23 soat oldin
Family of 6 were absolutly right. Attitude of staff sucks!
Tsunderic Kun oldin
As someone who works in the industry, even I agree that overbooking should die as a practice.
itzzz dan
itzzz dan Kun oldin
Makes sense tho
Karl Reichert
Karl Reichert Kun oldin
Selling something you don't have is called fraud. Washington fix the airline, right only for them. Vote and vote out all that are in office. BS..
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
Washington politicans allow airlines to overbook. Airlines are just taking advantage of what they probably paid them to legislate in the first place.
country gal white vincy
This family make me sick
ijustcant buyaholdensorry
The airline act like they did nothing wrong If I booked months ago the last booking on the flights should get off
Luv L33
Luv L33 Kun oldin
They create their own stress with overbooking
Luv L33
Luv L33 Kun oldin
Overbooking to fix overbooking. Wow smh
Luv L33
Luv L33 Kun oldin
Luv L33
Luv L33 Kun oldin
The way they're chewing gum and eyeballing her lmfaoo
alvarez0223 Kun oldin
Debra Frakes
Debra Frakes Kun oldin
Airlnes shoukd compensate these people!
Debra Frakes
Debra Frakes Kun oldin
airlines fault! Airlines should give this family lots of money!
Van VanZant
Van VanZant Kun oldin
Was this staged? News cameras were filming, not some iPhone. And who wouldn't be upset if your vacation was going to be cut by a day?
Timothy B
Timothy B Kun oldin
What, are they chewing gum executives?
Jeremy T
Jeremy T Kun oldin
Remember this next time the big airline companies want us to bail them out.
Donald Pratt
Donald Pratt Kun oldin
Chomp that gum.
Susanne Kun oldin
Yeah it's totally unacceptable how these customers - and zillions more - get mistreated by airlines overselling seats. Just awful.
There's a simple solution. Introduce a new FAA rule that says for each time the airline overbooks and I get screwed, they have to give me an A320, and they have to pay to store it until I can find a buyer.
It doesn't have to be a _new_ A320. I'm a reasonable man.
Suerte Abad
Suerte Abad Kun oldin
I feel bad for the flight attendants that deal with this everyday. Shame on the airlines who allow this to happen.
Doyle Jodi
Doyle Jodi Kun oldin
I don’t even understand how this is legal for them to overbook?
Irene Szoke
Irene Szoke Kun oldin
Got gum?
BoomerLife Kun oldin
Chompin like they on crack!
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
Overselling Seats should be illegal ..period
Destiny irus
Destiny irus Kun oldin
As much as people wanna say this family was annoying. The family is right. Like 7 people 7 tickets this family spent like thousands & thousands of dollars & the airline doesn’t even seem to care, like free ticket vouchers or something or even compensation for their troubles. It’s not their fault the airline over booked them, I think they should have called Corporate Instead since the employees said they can’t give vouchers or anything like that
Tetiana Bohannon
Everybody have a price ...super ...
forcommenting Kun oldin
I HATE… HATE… that airlines regularly oversell.
Gcool243 Kun oldin
Overbooking flights should be illegal. I’d be mad too
K. Staton
K. Staton Kun oldin
Everyone saying the family was right probably doesn't know that Southwest does not assign seats, except for one brief experiment. So even though they bought the tickets months before by not checking in earlier they either got a later boarding group or, if they had a early group, did not board when they're group number was called. Because they were not there to board and get seats, they now don't have seats because the plane is physically full. Hence the need to ask for volunteers to get off the flight. Southwest will also have a call out before general boarding to allow families with small children to board early so that parents can get seats with them. Airlines overbooking flights is always a pain but when you have no assigned seats it's something that you need to prepare for and make sure you check in early and are there at the gate.
WTF does she think she is????? If I was her Solicitor and she spoke to me that way I'd have told her to F.O.Q!!!!!!!!
Pat Saldana
Pat Saldana Kun oldin
Everybody have a price 🙄
Caramel Tigress
Caramel Tigress Kun oldin
Airlines create these unbelievable stupid situations. This should be illegal!!
яaptor Judy
яaptor Judy Kun oldin
She sounds like a total Chad and his baby wife calling "Daddy" is just hilarious!
Sandra Reukauf
Sandra Reukauf Kun oldin
Airline is pathetic, totally pathetic!
YT privilege at its finest. Give me something free and I’ll take the flight that’s ready to board right now and get me to the same place. NO, I wanna stand here and argue for another hour until you get me on this flight when I can just as easily go board this other flight that gets me there a few hours later.
Mayah Abelman
Mayah Abelman Kun oldin
Male Karen
Amber Kay
Amber Kay Kun oldin
I truly can’t believe this is Southwest… I’ve flown with them many times and have never had any issues nor heard anything about overbooking. Hoping that’s because Southwest has just improved a lot since this show, otherwise I guess I’m just lucky
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
Maybe people on "standby" had missed their flight, and were hoping to get on mine. Or showed up (real early) for their flight, and were hoping to catch an earlier flight (I've done that before).
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
I fly southwest all the time, last few flights were completely full (and they had people on "standby" ... I don't know why)... but they didn't try to offer money for seats. Maybe they were people hoping to get a cheap seat, if any seats were open.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
I'll bet, like me, you pay extra for "early bird" checkin. Or you just show up at the airport at a reasonable time and check in. This family probably showed up late, checked in late.... and didn't make the rooster.
Donald Rader
Donald Rader Kun oldin
It's not the ticket agents fault or passengers. The companies fault. It's buisness.....adapt
Ben Mercier
Ben Mercier Kun oldin
I think what she meant by "the louder they scream" was all of them chewing gums aggressively in front of her. She was intimidated!
Roger Major
Roger Major Kun oldin
How do they choose who can’t get on this plane. Did some of the passengers book after this family and is on the plane.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
Probably even "early bird" won't save you... if you don't try boarding until after the plane is already full. Early bird's board first (if you are actually there and in line)... otherwise, you can board out of position. But it you wait until plane is full, I'll guess you voided your own early bird checkin.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
I'm guessing they didn't pay extra (for early bird checkin)... and they were the last to show up at the airport and checkin. Boarding priority at southwest is earlybird(priority? even more money), earlybird small amount extra per flight; or regular (based on checkin time at airport). My guess is "last people" checked in ... are first people kicked off. Moral, don't be the last people at the airport.
Ashley Lynn
Ashley Lynn Kun oldin
Lol trying to get people to actually get off the plane!! Eww that is terrible they did that months ago and they have to hope people just say yeah I will get off. We over sell flights we all do wtf!! Seriously why do that just hoping people are late! So sick
JKO Kun oldin
Lol $200 is NOT enough . The guy is right! United offered $1,000 per passengers to volunteers on one of my flight .
Tim Daugherty
Tim Daugherty Kun oldin
These videos are 16 years old
delpiero Kun oldin
0:25 because chewing gum.. they never lost their cool...
Charles Snortley
Did they get to fly free. Lets uprise on these f*ckers.... "Thickest mexican voice i have in my 1/16th mexican blood"
Vin fishin
Vin fishin Kun oldin
What a terrible business plan
Amanda Cox
Amanda Cox Kun oldin
I am SO glad I don't fly!! I wouldn't have the patience these people had!!
Daisy Moo
Daisy Moo Kun oldin
The airline is so outrageous for doing this, what's the point of having booking if they're going to do this.
S Kun oldin
I'm not sure why airlines overbook there flights ? I mean there fast to take your money. But when you get there . NO SEATS! They should have reimbursed them at least 3 of the six tickets for the inconvenience of pushing back there fight and then giving them a fight they did not pay for in the first place.
Elmer Titz
Elmer Titz Kun oldin
Who cares.................lol.......sorry Karen.......
Jackie Marshall
Jackie Marshall Kun oldin
That is so company. All they think about is money I understand that it cost a lot to keep a plane going but when people buy tickets to get to their destination and then find our that it has been overbooked and now unless someone gives up their seat you're out of luck. Like he said people in most cases have also booked lodging or are going on a cruise they aren't going to hold the ship for them. When I started watching Heathrow and found out a plane takes off 4 or 5 seconds it blew my mind. It's always the consumer that gets the short end because bad weather or maintenance issues which I understand but that doesn't help the consumer who put out money for a service
john15333 Kun oldin
I have never seen such insane gum chewing outside of a Saturday Night Live skit.
MegaDaveNichols Kun oldin
Unfortunately overbooking Isn't Illegal
MegaDaveNichols Kun oldin
Soon as he said "Is Southwest cheap!?" I realized Right There was his big mistake!. Southwest is just as bad as Spirit
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
No one is as bad as spirit.
Dan Tschosik
Dan Tschosik Kun oldin
if they want to fly together there's room in the luggage hole😃😃👍👍
Pat Kun oldin
Are they expecting people who buy tickets to just not show up? Why would anyone buy a ticket and not show up? They should not over book..
Thor Matt
Thor Matt Kun oldin
Mom is hot.
Jono H
Jono H Kun oldin
My favourite part was when they where all chewing gum reminded me Of cows chewing the Cud.
Chaitanya Kun oldin
200 dollar travel voucher with a airline that oversells
Jane Abbott
Jane Abbott Kun oldin
Disgraceful behaviour from the airline. This practise should be illegal. I have never heard of this happening here.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
Haven't seen it happen on Southwest before (my favorite airline)... but I've seen it happen... and I've seen them offer money too (after they've asked for volunteers first).
Julie Aucoin
Julie Aucoin Kun oldin
That's ridiculous. They booked in advance. The airline owes them big time.
josh3326 Kun oldin
This A&E program is brought to you by Hubba Bubba Gum. Hubba Bubba, chew it hard, when times are hard. With even more teeth travel when chewing.
Nch Croy
Nch Croy Kun oldin
So many people who clearly dont understand how airlines operate. Of course they have to overbook the flights - for those (majority) of time when not everyone turns up. Sure, this bloke had a legitimate beef but his attitude stinks - bit of an arrogant wanker really...
Laura Howard
Laura Howard Kun oldin
The father is right.....bump others based on when they booked
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
If you weren't the last to show up for the flight, you wouldn't have been bumped.
annakeye 2 kun oldin
Imagine arriving at a restaurant and them saying, "yeah, nah, soz. We always overbook the tables and yeah, I know you booked six months ago but you didn't arrive long enough ahead with your family of children before a bunch of others so you'll have to wait until tomorrows service"?
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 soat oldin
Imagine the airline told you to checkin at least a half hour before flight... and you checked in after everyone else already checkedin and/or boarded the flight.
My Opinion Matters
My Opinion Matters 2 kun oldin
If you buy a seat it should be yours. End of story! Everyone remembers when United had that doctor dragged of by Chicago PD. Man never has to work again!
Jardim 2 kun oldin
Well if he hadn’t “screamed “ you would have put them on the Baltimore route flight.
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