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An intense gun battle breaks out on the steps directly outside a court house in this clip from Season 3, Episode 6.

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18-Iyl, 2021



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A&E 11 kun oldin
Tune in to Court Cam, Wednesdays at 9/8c on A&E, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule.
Mark Hellekson
Mark Hellekson 6 kun oldin
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda 9 kun oldin
@David Rodriguez flat letter p.
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda 9 kun oldin
a red pwn E.
Mum R
Mum R 2 kun oldin
They had no choice!
Cory's Custom Works
No weight standards for officers? Geez.
Donkey 4 kun oldin
Throws smoke out Cops: SMOKE!! Everyone hold your fire! Hold fire, there is smoke!!
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele 5 kun oldin
Glad the officers are okay
Bobbie Jeanne Barnes
people are really getting more ignorant everyday and glad that all the officers will be going home again
Freestyler Twins
Freestyler Twins 5 kun oldin
I'm having nightmares and insomnia after seeing the disturbing image of pink and white smoke! Stop this video for circulation of UZblock be will ban this channel.
Doug Styles
Doug Styles 6 kun oldin
Dude watched too many movies. Those swapmeet smoke grenades were ineffective.
Becky Weaver
Becky Weaver 6 kun oldin
These sov. citizens are just crazy already. I have no idea how all this got started, but enough is enough. How many times do they have to get arrested, go to jail and now this guy was basically on a mission to try and kill police. What did he prove by getting himself shot and no longer alive!. Sorry I don't think it was worth it. He took his life for granted because he thought he had more rights and he thought he was above the laws. I just don't understand these people.
Cowboy Western38
Cowboy Western38 7 kun oldin
Pluvillion 7 kun oldin
> Try to fight the feds > In front of a courtyard > All alone And I thought I was the stupidest guy in the group. Hm.
Paladin of Peace
Paladin of Peace 7 kun oldin
Just a peaceful protest. CNN: "where is it written protests have to be peaceful "
Jack 8 kun oldin
The most dangerous kind of man is a man that can control his emotions this man could not control his emotions and in a rage he went and charged the courthouse thinking he could take on all the officers and obviously that's not possible if he really wanted to inflict maximum casualties he would be smart about it. Plot and plan follow these officers home find out where they live she don't when they're walking out their front door don't charge the f****** police station I don't condone any of this and I'm not calling for violence I'm just saying it's really easy to kill stupid people thank God for us most criminals and crazy people are stupid.
Azriel Zagreb
Azriel Zagreb 8 kun oldin
Officers combined are heavier than that SUV...
glenn lbs
glenn lbs 8 kun oldin
Them cops r faaaaaaattttttyyyyysss!!!
Danyellllp 8 kun oldin
He’s watched wayyy too many movies
SmileyD Crosby
SmileyD Crosby 8 kun oldin
How many of these people that rush police officers are actually wanting to commit suicide and can't do it themselves and know if they attack cops they will be shot? Has this question crossed anyone else's mind? Why aren't we asking this type of question as it is not normal behavior?
Clyde Wood
Clyde Wood 8 kun oldin
Stephanie Malley
Stephanie Malley 8 kun oldin
Looking for attention,to kill someone then himself,for what? That's what someone wants or try to do something stupid! Hello?
Bingo Man
Bingo Man 8 kun oldin
Give an officer a reason to pull their revolver and trust me, they will
Bingo Man
Bingo Man 8 kun oldin
@mud pie thanks for the weapons lesson, I know they are glocks or some more advanced weapon than revolvers, and yes that was for sure a reason to engage. It's was a traumatic scene for all involved.
mud pie
mud pie 8 kun oldin
First, cops don't carry revolvers any more. Second, the guy fired shots at them hitting 1 in the leg. Pretty sure that's a legit reason for the cops to pull their guns out and return fire. Just guessing though.
Brent Holy Rider
Brent Holy Rider 8 kun oldin
This is what happens when cops don't have respect for citizens
Maddie 5 kun oldin
Your a brain child
Corey Carlisle
Corey Carlisle 8 kun oldin
Multiple raids on his home and police didnt confiscate his explosives 0:34, 0:47? There must be a few cousins or other relatives hiding his stash. Looks like he got wat he wanted. He no longer has to worry about future raids.
Dmitry ®️
Dmitry ®️ 8 kun oldin
I love A&E
A&E 8 kun oldin
Thanks for being an A&E fan!
Eric Cook
Eric Cook 8 kun oldin
The only way you can be a Sovereign Citizen is to live on a boat in International waters. Because, it's Maritime Law...
C Wallace
C Wallace 8 kun oldin
That's crazy. These officers were not ready for this, they were just chillin in the courthouse and they gotta jump into a gunfight. Buddy dying is karma. That's how the earth decided to repay him for his actions.
Maddie 5 kun oldin
Kind a hard to be ready for the unexpected. And you’re right Karma did get that guy that thought he was a sovereign citizen
Russell Tangey
Russell Tangey 8 kun oldin
Good riddance
Breach98 8 kun oldin
My guess is that he wanted to die in a blaze of glory, and take a few lawmen with him. He fought the law and the ...law won. He fought the law and the .. law won.
Cydonius1 8 kun oldin
disturbing? you always cut out or cover the dead bodies and the pools of blood that's what i wanna see, the money shot !
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith 9 kun oldin
I want Live pd back
Seeing Through
Seeing Through 9 kun oldin
Could of done actual harm. Luckly he didn't think it through.
Dreamer aka R-K
Dreamer aka R-K 9 kun oldin
When a noob throws a smoke grenade in Counter Strike and then gets rekt
Steve H
Steve H 9 kun oldin
Thank God only the Sovereign died, could have been a lot worse.
Seahawksfan420 9 kun oldin
Is it just me or do they make it seem like the deputy died, cause he lived
Cheeser The Crafter
@Seahawksfan420 casuality can also mean the officer was injured but survived
Seahawksfan420 9 kun oldin
@Tet yeah "police casualty" Wouldn't that mean he died?
Tet 9 kun oldin
Skylor Wright
Skylor Wright 9 kun oldin
Why is this allowed but doughnut operator gets his stuff flagged and taken down?
creatine gains
creatine gains 9 kun oldin
Wow he really showed them 😂😂😂
Plwoo 9 kun oldin
I remember when this happened, I was actually at the Dairy Queen when it happened
that dude
that dude 9 kun oldin
Dude went out like a boss. Salute.
Adrian Vaca
Adrian Vaca 9 kun oldin
Yo this sovereign citizens are clowns
Kevin Hullinger
Kevin Hullinger 9 kun oldin
I’m just happy smart people don’t usually commit such crimes.
Erik 9 kun oldin
one more tax expense gone woohoo!
qwiturbichen 9 kun oldin
Forsyth county is nowhere near Atlanta
Reed Tardio
Reed Tardio 9 kun oldin
The police killing a white man? This must be fiction.
PiTCHBLaCK 22 soat oldin
happens all the time.
Maddie 5 kun oldin
Happens almost every day. It’s just that people don’t make a big deal out of it so you never hear about it
Corey Carlisle
Corey Carlisle 8 kun oldin
I actually prepared to see them take him injured to the hospital to get patched up.
Aspen Miller
Aspen Miller 8 kun oldin
please shut up
Samaila Abdullahi
Samaila Abdullahi 9 kun oldin
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Janese Caraway
Janese Caraway 9 kun oldin
Can we say..."a nut!" From Montgomery Al
Kalani Nahinu
Kalani Nahinu 9 kun oldin
I don’t blame the shooter, Police Department’s always do crooked invasions...this guy just had it! It was his justice to die for...now they can never harassed him any more...
Maddie 5 kun oldin
If you’re doing nothing illegal then you don’t have to worry about it
Larry Davidson
Larry Davidson 9 kun oldin
Wonder if he's still a sovereign citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Propulsion Studios
Propulsion Studios 9 kun oldin
"Some images may be disturbing" Seriously?? Why do we need to preface gun violence with this anymore? Americans have seen countless gun-related murders perpetrated on television and in video games for decades now. We've become immune to it.
Ralph Wiggum
Ralph Wiggum 9 kun oldin
UZblock reaches more than just America.
Ralph Smith
Ralph Smith 9 kun oldin
All the cops are over weight
Barry V
Barry V 9 kun oldin
We have the right to make you silent.
CNRMAX 9 kun oldin
good thing the SWAT came in just for all the officers to stand right next to the car
Retro Dealer 64#
Retro Dealer 64# 9 kun oldin
Why are all the officers so fat?. They better chill out on the donuts?.
Saanguinee Fwedit
Saanguinee Fwedit 9 kun oldin
Shows how incompetent sovtards are. All that and could not even kill one out of shape cop. Thankfully.
W Cameron Zane
W Cameron Zane 9 kun oldin
He was a solvent citizen who was suing the Sheriffs Office and believed is constitutional rights were violated?🙄
Joab Lopez
Joab Lopez 9 kun oldin
This is so cool
Laura Williams
Laura Williams 9 kun oldin
I find American mentality so strange when it comes to situations like this. I’ll probably never ‘get it’ either. It always seems the intent is to purposely kill rather than injure / disarm & capture. I suppose when you haven’t grown up around guns, it’ll always be perplexing.
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 5 kun oldin
@Laura Williams , After all the repeat violent career criminal attacks that the USA experiences each day, you have to kill the criminal so that the physical body can never ever attack another person in the future. We no longer care which one of the criminal's 99 different personalities was involved. It only matters that the physical body is rendered incapable of any violent attacks in the future.
Laura Williams
Laura Williams 5 kun oldin
@David Hoffman Yep.. agreed. Does that consist of killing though..? If you think of where a bullet proof best sits, they can shoot (minus head) in any of those areas - doesn’t make it fool proof but gives the perpetrator a better chance of survival. They should be punished for their actions, but not sure killing them is something I’m overly comfortable with, seems to happen pretty frequently in the US by cops from footage I’ve seen.
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 5 kun oldin
@Laura Williams , The only sure way to stop an attack is to cause the attacker to be unable to move. That means no ability to get another gun. set off a bomb, or reload.
Laura Williams
Laura Williams 9 kun oldin
@Joey Farrell So, just out to kill then?
bizim eller
bizim eller 9 kun oldin
@Joey FarrellI couldn't explain it better and I watch all kinds of crazy american movies🤣🤣
Cat Days OG
Cat Days OG 9 kun oldin
My sorry but I have to *the guy in the SUV* MY IN MY MUMS CAR BANG BANG
WARVANE 9 kun oldin
he watched john wick to many times, wtf was this guy thinking?
Rumline 9 kun oldin
Those “officers” responding are all really fat and out of shape…. they must be Americans!
TheStevo1208 9 kun oldin
Don't gotta worry about anymore raids on the house now!
Jmfia20 9 kun oldin
Wow. He was savage pulling up to a court house w that energy.😭😭😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♂
BLQ EDDIE 9 kun oldin
You certainly have a lot of whack jobs in the 🇺🇸 😱
Rita R
Rita R 9 kun oldin
When did this happen? Whoever posts these videos should add dates to the description
doug112244 3 kun oldin
June 7, 2014 Forsyth county courthouse in Georgia.
Marie Slabbert
Marie Slabbert 9 kun oldin
It sound bad, but it is one less nut/lunatic/vigilante to worry about.
mama didn't raise a victim kill or be killed💪💪
Watched Trump then fell asleep for an hour ! Woke up from a great dream ! Trump won a congressional seat in 2022 !! He became speaker; look on Pelosi's face was priceless and almost put me back to sleep !!! They asked Trump if he'd run for president in 2024 ! He said no,,I'll run for congress again ! Then after 6 month the republican president and vp will step down and I'll be YOUR president, again !!...................
Laura Williams
Laura Williams 9 kun oldin
Sounds more like a nightmare.
Quai Thom
Quai Thom 9 kun oldin
sweetheart, stop using that stuff!
John Wick
John Wick 9 kun oldin
Whatever. He went into this with the mindset of 'kill, or be killed'. Dumb @ss.
Sara Israel
Sara Israel 9 kun oldin
Looks like they are in fear for their lives from the wrong people
Bold Counsel
Bold Counsel 9 kun oldin
*Bring back LIVE-PD* "Woke" people get stuff cancelled that they don't even watch. They also change their beliefs daily. They won't remember why they were mad to being with.
Ekwensu Ocha
Ekwensu Ocha 9 kun oldin
As soon as people hit level 20 and unlock smoke grenades they always have to start acting out.
DJ PLATINUM 9 kun oldin
Keegan Ridgway
Keegan Ridgway 9 kun oldin
Just bring live pd back you cowards
Steve Ashcroft
Steve Ashcroft 9 kun oldin
Violence never wins overall!! Serves the guy right for thinking the gun is better than the brain!
One love
One love 9 kun oldin
What's intense about it??
Cheeser The Crafter
someone dying on camera
Name Change 94
Name Change 94 9 kun oldin
50v1 and you stay in the same spot...clearly he never played a single first person shooter
BusPro 9 kun oldin
Drew Conway
Drew Conway 9 kun oldin
1:10 He doesn’t want to leave his post at the x-ray scanner because he saw the video where somebody brought in a cake and then somebody else just helped themselves to it. Nothing is more important than cake.
RoggTv 9 kun oldin
Oh he on call of duty timing
SandManJono 123
SandManJono 123 9 kun oldin
Just makes me laugh how many of the security guys are middle aged fat and no doubt unhealthy … not the best for the job🤭
Ralphie_Boy 9 kun oldin
Juicin with Jenn
Juicin with Jenn 9 kun oldin
You do not understand the term sovereign citizen....following the law and constitution as Supreme law doesn't make you sovereign....its cops who don't follow the same principles who are sovereign citizens armed with a badge and a gun and the treat of punishment
Juicin with Jenn
Juicin with Jenn 4 kun oldin
@Maddie the problem is that Mike uses the words sovereign citizen way to often in the wrong context. Do I know it is dumb to pull on a police officer...100% absolutely stupid. The one thing is we do not effectively apply laws evenly to those that break them. Police tend to get away with a lot they shouldn't however those" peaceful protesters" who have destroyed cities are let go without paying for their crimes so what do they do..... do it again. Reform must come but not Segundo police but employing police who do their job ethically and well and get rid of the sovereign citizen elites harming citizens exercising their rights
Maddie 5 kun oldin
@Juicin with Jenn And I don’t see where the cops at this courthouse did wrong. I only see that he did wrong by drawing a gun on the cops at the courthouse. He went about his problem in the wrong way. Now there is a family who no longer has a husband and a father
Maddie 5 kun oldin
@Juicin with Jenn The argument was never over the cops being a sovereign citizen it was about the man claiming he was a sovereign citizen. So you are getting off topic no matter what type of professor you are. So you should know that better than anybody
Juicin with Jenn
Juicin with Jenn 5 kun oldin
@Maddie maybe I am a Constitutional scholar and teacher. Words and definitions matter
Maddie 5 kun oldin
Another brain child speaking
Zombl337 9 kun oldin
glad the officer recovered and this scumbag is in the ground, unable to hurt anyone else.
chicken prepper
chicken prepper 9 kun oldin
Glad that Officer was ok , God Bless them ALL , great job everyone
Syrian Syrup
Syrian Syrup 9 kun oldin
Tf was his plan, pull up and get shot?
Zach F
Zach F 9 kun oldin
I don’t know why, but for some reason whenever I hear “casualty”, I always think dead, not injured.
Becky Weaver
Becky Weaver Kun oldin
@Justin webb I fixed it
Justin webb
Justin webb Kun oldin
@Becky Weaver and it is passed on...not past
Becky Weaver
Becky Weaver 6 kun oldin
Because casualty means someone has passed on.
Justin webb
Justin webb 8 kun oldin
@mike money dude...TECHNICALLY...it can mean dead...but it can also mean hurt,injured etc
James Vickers
James Vickers 9 kun oldin
Casualty does mean dead
Ana Hamel
Ana Hamel 9 kun oldin
WTF that’s why you don’t shoot at officers your not going to win at all no use in even trying to get back in anyway your not going to live I can tell you that for a fact .
Tania Lima
Tania Lima 9 kun oldin
G Daddy
G Daddy 9 kun oldin
He said the raids were "unconstitutional" yet it also seems they were 100% justifiable. How may times have we heard that someone was pulled over "for no reason" only to have it turn out that there were MANY reasons. Just not the one that got them pulled over. They find outstanding warrants, illegal guns or drugs etc etc.
M Prywatny
M Prywatny 9 kun oldin
One more kook off the streets…
oscar peredo
oscar peredo 9 kun oldin
So many chubby officers 😂😂😂
oscar peredo
oscar peredo 8 kun oldin
@Terence McKenna there just chubby . I didn’t say there bad or nun I just said chubby
Alli Cat
Alli Cat 9 kun oldin
I was thinking the same....don't they have a weight/fitness requirement?
Adam 9 kun oldin
sitting around all day at work with vending machines nearby will do that to you quickly
Terence McKenna
Terence McKenna 9 kun oldin
Doug Roberts
Doug Roberts 9 kun oldin
My thoughts as well
AetherHorizon 9 kun oldin
Disturbing images? That's an everyday scene where i live
Becky Weaver
Becky Weaver 6 kun oldin
It is also sad that it happens so much around the country. I meant to put that in my first reply.
Becky Weaver
Becky Weaver 6 kun oldin
That's sad that you have to see or hear about someone dying all the time. It is rare where I'm from. It is big news if something happens like that around where we live. Anything is big news not just someone getting shot just if someone gets in a car crash or anything. I'm from a small town.
DZ 8 kun oldin
For me it's like normal day in our beautiful planet 🌎♥️♥️♥️
Jmfia20 9 kun oldin
They didn't even show anything. They're so dramatic🙄🙄 I see worst on the news.
David Flesner
David Flesner 9 kun oldin
Yes. These images should be disturbing to everyone. Not everyday scenes.
Timothy Tucker
Timothy Tucker 9 kun oldin
This reminds me of what happens when I do this in GTA V. Same result. Los Santos P.D. Dont eff around when you go all sovereign citizen on them either…
Jennifer 9 kun oldin
He needed more warriors to complete his job
My Crackhead Neighbors
This is so old my God
Adam 9 kun oldin
AE will squeeze water from a rock . Just look at all the different ways they dissect those old 60 days seasons lol
Darlene L
Darlene L 9 kun oldin
What a loser. I'm glad the officer is OK!
Ankit Ojha
Ankit Ojha 9 kun oldin
Causality means ok ?
Jon Gardella
Jon Gardella 9 kun oldin
Is NOBODY ELSE getting killed that they have to recycle years old events and imply it just happened?!?
Motley Stew
Motley Stew 9 kun oldin
Glad you posted this. 👊🏽 Only reason I watched it is cause I thought it just happened. 🤔
Dim dam
Dim dam 9 kun oldin
Christopher Flynn
Christopher Flynn 9 kun oldin
Dude trying to defend himself and his family gunned down by gustappo
Maddie 5 kun oldin
What do you mean is the gal was obviously doing something illegal and that’s why the cops were after him at his home. If you live right you don’t have to worry about things like this
Maddie 5 kun oldin
@Christopher Flynn Yeah it looks like he won. Sitting 6 feet under now and his family lost her dad. If he Hatten been doing illegal things this would have never happened
Azula gaming
Azula gaming 9 kun oldin
@Doug Roberts He won the dirt nap challenge...
Doug Roberts
Doug Roberts 9 kun oldin
@Christopher Flynn Can you explain to me what he won
Lawrence Varkalis
Lawrence Varkalis 9 kun oldin
He won a trip to a dirt nap.
Jessica Landman
Jessica Landman 9 kun oldin
The cop totally knew something was up. He's "leaving the courthouse" and ducking into the bushes before the suv pulls up ...
Alex Huerta
Alex Huerta 9 kun oldin
Yeah he was looking in the bushes area but he never ducked? Up until an SUV came barreling up the sidewalk... maybe take another look
Mindy Rolston
Mindy Rolston 9 kun oldin
Yeah because officers aren't allowed to leave the courthouse during a workday have you ever heard of a lunch break or 15 minute break. Any fool would duck behind a tree when you see an SUV driving up on the sidewalk.
Ренат Тажеев
When did it happen?
Germaine M 💜🎤🎶🔥
Did this happen recently? July 2021?!
Germaine M 💜🎤🎶🔥
@Cheeser The Crafter thanks.
Cheeser The Crafter
No this shooting actually happened back in 2014 and the Court Cam episode that this clip was in was released in January 2021
Like huh? Wtf yo
ncc1701chris 9 kun oldin
It just goes to show how deranged these people are there's only one of them they pull up to a place where there's dozens of cops and they think they're going to win the jails in the cemeteries are full of these idiots
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